US 127 and 224 in Ohio

US 224 in Ohio

US 127 in Ohio

US 127
Get started Cincinnati
End Alvordton
Length 190 mi
Length 306 km


Pleasant Run



West Manchester




Van Wert



West Unity



According to Existingcountries, US 127 is a US Highway in the US state of Ohio. The road forms a secondary north-south link in the west of the state, remotely parallel to Interstate 75 in Ohio. The road runs from the city of Cincinnati to the Michigan border in the northwest of the state. The road is 306 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 127 south of Van Wert.

Region of Cincinnati

US 127 in Kentucky comes from Covington and crosses the Ohio River to Cincinnati via the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge. US 127 then passes through downtown Cincinnati and intersects I-71 and numerous US Highways. US 127 then proceeds north, parallel to Interstate 75. North of the city of Cincinnati, US 127 continues a longer stretch through suburban areas as an urban arterial. The last city within the Cincinnati metropolitan area is Hamilton, where one crosses the Miami River.

Western Ohio

US 127 then begins an approximately 280-mile route to the Michigan border. This stretch passes through western Ohio, parallel to the Indiana border. There are only a few small regional towns on the route. US 127 is a single-lane road pretty much everywhere, the only higher-end section being Greenville’s eastern bypass. The only other larger town on the route is Van Wert, which has no bypass. The route through western Ohio crosses I-70 and the Indiana Toll Road, but the latter has no connection. Finally, the Michigan border is reached, after which US 127 in Michigan continues to Jackson.


US 127 was created in 1926, but then ran no further south than Toledo. In 1930 the southern terminus was changed to Cincinnati and since 1958 the route continues south through Kentucky and Tennessee. US 127 is Ohio’s westernmost thoroughfare north-south, but is of little importance because most medium-sized cities are along the I-75 corridor, a little further east.


US 127 has used the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge to cross the Ohio River in Cincinnati since 1974. Between 1958 and 1974, US 127 passed through the landmark John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge to enter Kentucky. In the Cincinnati region, US 127 has not been developed to a high standard anywhere, it is a city road from downtown Cincinnati to downtown Hamilton.

Cincinnati – Michigan

Outside of the Cincinnati region, US 127 is a regular two-lane road almost everywhere, with the exception of the Greenville Bypass, which is a 2×2 divided highway with some grade separations. This bypass opened to traffic around 1970. Although clearly intended for north-south traffic, east-west traffic on US 36 can also use it.

US 224 in Ohio

US 224
Begin Middlebury
End Lowellville
Length 233 mi
Length 375 km

Van Wert








Lodi – Akron:

Portage Lakes




According to Anycountyprivateschools, US 224 is a US Highway in the US state of Ohio. The road forms a secondary east-west route through the north of the state, from the Indiana border through Findlay, Akron, and Youngstown to the Pennsylvania border. The road is partially double -numbered with Interstate 76. The road is about 375 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-277 / US 224 in Akron.

Western Ohio

US 224 in Indiana comes from Decatur and runs in western Ohio through flat farmland. The road is almost entirely single-lane and passes through several small towns such as Ottawa, Findlay, Tiffin and Willard. Van Wert does have a bypass. The US 224 is characterized by long straight stretches, but has not been developed to a high standard anywhere. In Findlay there is a connection to Interstate 75. The US 224 then leads 55 kilometers straight east to Lodi.

Eastern Ohio

Around Lodi US 224 coincides with US 42. East of Lodi, the road still has 2×2 lanes and east of I-71 with Interstate 76 double-numbered with Akron. East of I-77, US 224 is again a single-lane road and continues for another 80 kilometers to the Pennsylvania border. This route passes through Boardman, a southern suburb of Youngstown. There are connections here with State Route 11 and Interstate 680, but has no connection to the Ohio Turnpike. US 224 in Pennsylvania then continues to New Castle.


US 42/224 at Lodi.

US 224 was added to the network in 1933. The route has not changed substantially since then. Although US 224 runs through the entire state of Ohio, it is still a somewhat secondary route, US 224 only runs through the larger city of Akron, the rest of the route is mainly a single-lane road.

Circa 1956, the Tiffin bypass opened. Around 1959 the bypass of the town of Lodi opened, actually part of the US 42, but US 224 lifts along with it. About 1965, US 224 between Lodi and I-71 was widened to 2×2 lanes. US 224 also piggybacks on the Van Wert bypass, part of US 30, which opened circa 1969.

Between I-71 and Akron, US 224 lifts onto Interstate 76 and Interstate 277. The portion that includes I-76 opened to traffic in 1961 and 1965 and was originally constructed as part of US 224, the only portion of US 224 to be expanded as a freeway. In 1970, I-277 through Akron opened to traffic. Circa 1972, a short stretch of US 224 freeway east of I-77 in Akron opened to traffic. This two-mile stretch is the only individual stretch of highway on US 224. Through the Youngstown area, US 224 is a regular city highway.

US 224 in Ohio