Travel to Punta Prima

Punta Prima

In the southeast corner of Menorca is a tourist destination called Punta Prima. Here it is especially good to play golf as there are several golf courses along the coast. Punta Prima is a holiday destination and a small village located in the district of Sant Lluis. The nearest tourist destinations are Binibeca and S’algar and if you want to go to a larger city to explore restaurant offerings, shopping opportunities or sights, Mahón is only 10 km away. A journey from the airport to Punta Prima takes only 25 minutes.

Family friendly and quiet

Punta Prima is another quiet and pleasant place where noise and mischief are non-existent. Here are a number of hotels interspersed with private villas and apartment hotels for those who want to be a little more independent during the trip. In the center you will find some souvenir shops and playgrounds for children as well as some grocery stores and restaurants and bars. Here a market is held twice a week on the streets where you can botanize among domestic raw materials and crafts. If you wish, you can also have your hair braided. The restaurants serve food that is both typically Spanish and dishes that are usually eaten in the Mediterranean countries. If you are craving Italian, then this is no problem.

According to Ehealthfacts, Punta Prima has a pharmacy that is open 24/7 and a health center with doctors who perform emergency surgeries and receive patients. If you want to rent a car, there is a car rental company that offers several models. Remember to look for what applies as Spanish companies like to charge fees for different services. Punta Prima also has a small train station where you can take the train on to the village of Binibeca.

Also on the promenade are a number of shops selling bathing shoes, bikinis and jewelry. When you get down on the beach, you can look out to the small island “Isla Del Aire” which has a lighthouse and a small marina. Feel free to paddle over here for a family outing and especially look out for the black lizards that crawl around here.

Take the train to Binibeca

Punta Prima is not far from the original tourist village of Binibeca with its bright white houses dazzling in the sunshine. To this very charming village you can take the local train which only takes 20 minutes. There are several things to do in Binibeca. You can sit in the many cafes, eat at the rustic restaurant located in the middle of the cliffs or take a nice dip on the beach and when the evening comes you can hit the roof of the village’s only nightclub. Many tourists have fallen so in love with this white village that they bought a house or apartment here. You can actually see that Binibeca is a bit more than a regular tourist resort. The villas and houses are a little more in the luxurious direction but have nevertheless retained their charm.

If you want to stop here to dive, rent a kayak or explore the beaches and play a game of tennis on the village’s tennis courts, there are several opportunities to both spend the night or go back later in the evening. Menorca is an island with many activities and beautiful places, so even if you have booked a hotel, you should look around as much as possible during your trip.

Punta Prima