The 10 Most Popular Attractions in Mexico

Baranca del Cobre

The pyramid city of Teotihuacan is one of the ten most popular sights in Mexico. With a height of 65 m, the Pyramid of the Sun is the center of this abandoned Aztec city. In its heyday, the city was over 20 km² and housed more than 20,000 people. Today you can climb the moon and sun pyramids to admire the city that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Only one pyramid is larger on the entire continent. The large pyramid in Cholula, in the state of Puebla, with 66 m is only 1 m larger than the pyramid in Teotihuacan, but with a volume of 4.45 million cubic meters it is one of the largest in the world. The Spanish conquerors built a complete church on their top as a sign of their faith.

Chiapas, the rainforests of the Mayas

The most beautiful sights in Mexico are offered by nature. In the state of Chiapas is the 6 km long waterfall cascade Agua Azul. The green and blue shimmering water invites you to swim all year round in the tropical rainforest. The waterfall is only a few kilometers away from the city of Palenque, where you can visit a complete Mayan metropolis. Embedded in the tropical jungle, only about 5% of the city has been uncovered today.

Yucatan – one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mexico

On the island of Yucatan, visitors can admire over 954 cenotes, the up to 100 m large limestone holes filled with water, which are fed by the largest underwater cave system on earth. A paradise for divers and swimmers. In addition, there are over 20 Mayan ruined cities in Yucatan that served as inhabited cities or religious places. Today they are tourist attractions and offer a popular alternative to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Especially in the city of Cancun you can enjoy miles of beaches with crystal clear water, or swim with dolphins in the amusement parks.

In the state of Michoacan, visitors are presented with a special natural spectacle every year. Millions of monarch butterflies rest in this zone from the strain of their long journey from Canada. Whole forest sections are completely covered with the butterflies. A unique experience for the visitor.

Baranca del Cobre – the unknown sight in Mexico

The Baranca del Cobre in the state of Chihuahua is also a unique natural experience. The canyon system, which is four times the size of the American Grand Canyon, offers tourists a canyon system covering approximately 25,000 km², some with 1800 m deep canyons in the copper-colored rock. A group of indigenous people lives at the lowest point, still largely closed off from civilization. Visitors can take a train down most of the canyon and enjoy the view of some of the largest gorges.

Mexico has many visitor attractions, but the most impressive thing is the hospitality and the varied cuisine.

Baranca del Cobre