Tajikistan 1998

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Yearbook 1998

Tajikistan. In February, President Imomali Rachmonov appointed five members of the opposition to ministers, and in March, the united opposition was appointed UTO’s second leader Chadzji Akhbar Turadzjonzoda as first deputy prime minister. It was in line with the 1997 peace treaty, which had ended five years of civil war. But despite the agreement, there were repeated fighting between government forces and armed groups during the year that refused to obey the UTO leadership. Many sacrifices were required.

According to Countryaah, the capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe. Three UN observers and two of their co-workers were killed in July in a raid in Tajikistan. As a result, the UNMOT observer force temporarily removed all “unnecessary” foreign personnel from the country.

A prominent opposition leader, Ottachon Latifi, was assassinated in September in the capital, Dusjanbe. President Rachmonov decided that the investigation of the crime should be led by a joint government and opposition commission. In November, a military uprising broke out in northwestern Tajikistan. In a week of fierce fighting between rebels and the army, over a hundred government soldiers were killed and several hundred people wounded. The rebels were led by an ethnic Uzbek, and President Rachmonov accused Uzbekistan of participating in the coup attempt. Prisoners from the rebel forces are said to have received military training in Uzbekistan. Uzbek President Islam Karimov dismissed all charges.

A ban on opposition parties, including the Islamic parties, were finally repealed in November after fierce domestic political strife. The ban was introduced during the civil war and its cancellation was an important element of the 1997 peace agreement. Tajikistan thus became the only country in Central Asia where religious parties, such as the Islamic Revival Party, can operate legally.

During the year, several death sentences were issued, including for assassination attempts on the president and for taking hostages.

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