Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

General information

The administrative center of the state of New South Wales – Sydney – is not only the largest, but also the oldest city in Australia. The history of the settlement, founded in 1788 on the shores of Port Jackson Bay, has a little more than 200 years. However, Sydney is a booming, thriving metropolis that welcomes thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Here, ultra-modern skyscrapers and cultural centers coexist with modest suburbs and historic mansions restored in recent years. Sydney has the only subway in the country.

Clear and sunny weather reigns here almost all year round. More than 30 golden beaches and ocean waves invite fans to soak up the sun or ride the waves on the board.

Main Attractions

Want to learn more about the city and country? Then get ready to visit a couple of museums from the many scattered around the map: among them the Sydney Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Australian Museum of Natural History and Anthropology and many others.

The minimum program should definitely include the oldest Royal Botanic Garden with a huge (more than a million species, including rare and endangered) collection of plants, an aquarium and the Taronga Zoo, where you will see not only animals living in Australia and abroad, but also in full enjoy views of the bay, the Opera House and the Sydney Bridge. The latter have long become the hallmarks of the city. At night, both the bridge and the opera are illuminated and present an amazing picture that cannot but arouse admiration. The original architecture and aerial lines of buildings attract more and more tourists every year.

A city tour is incomplete without a visit to the Sydney Tower, the highest point in the city. From a height of 305 meters, a panorama of the city opens up, where the bay, beaches and park areas, skyscrapers of the business center and remote corners of the city are in full view.


Weather in Sydney rarely brings surprises. The proximity of the ocean, moderately hot summers and warm winters make living in the city more than comfortable. When planning a trip to Australia, you need to remember that the hottest days are in December, January and February; the average temperature ranges from 18.6 °C to 25.8 °C, sometimes it rises above 30 °C. The water in the ocean warms up to 22.5°C in summer and up to 18°C ​​in winter. Winter is mild; in July the thermometer will show 8 °C–16.2 ​​°C.

When is the best time to go

When it is summer in Europe, it is the height of winter in Australia, so most tourists prefer to go here during the spring-summer season (European autumn-winter).


Sydney is located on the southeast coast of Australia, on the shores of Port Jackson Bay. The latter is considered the world’s largest harbor of natural origin.

How to get there

Many airlines fly to Sydney. You can get from Moscow by a route with a change in one of the Asian cities – Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore.


The population of Sydney and the suburbs is about 4.2 million people.

Tourist areas

The creation of the Swede Jorn Ustson – the Opera House – has become an integral symbol of Australia and Sydney and is considered one of the modern wonders of the world. Every day and night, this masterpiece of architecture attracts the attention of thousands of visitors, as well as the Sydney Bridge. This structure is one of the longest in the world – more than 500 meters – and one of the most beautiful bridges.

The already mentioned Royal Botanical Gardens, the zoo and museums should be referred to places of interest for tourists.

It’s hard to say which is more popular – the opera, the bridge or The Rocks – the old quarter not far from the bridge. It is here that the heart of the city, the historical center of Sydney, is located. It (The Rocks) is often and deservedly called the Sydney Open Air Museum – after all, the area has retained the indescribable atmosphere of the old days. At the same time, the old buildings, maintained in good condition, successfully coexist with numerous cafes, restaurants and tourist shops.

There are too many beaches in Sydney to list them all, but a few are worth mentioning. Firstly, just a few minutes from the center is Bondi – a real beach Mecca for travelers from all over the world and the largest beach in the entire Southern Hemisphere Secondly, Tamarama. It is located a little further along the coast and is nicknamed Glamourama: the beach is full of fashionable swimwear and stylish accessories. If you don’t want to get into too rough seas, head to Clovelly Beach and swim in a rock pool.

Sydney, Australia