Rakvere, Estonia

Rakvere, Estonia

The small town of Rakvere is conveniently located halfway between Narva and Tallinn. So the geography itself hints that it would be nice to stay here for a day or two. Rakvere is a typical example of a provincial Estonian town with a castle (or rather, its ruins), a church, quarters of historical stone and wooden buildings, as well as interspersed with interwar functionalism. It is good here at any time of the year, but especially in winter, when small streets with one- and two-story houses are covered with snow, and numerous trees form fabulous tunnels. People come here to relax their mind and body. The already mentioned magical atmosphere is responsible for the first, and one of the largest spa complexes in Estonia is responsible for the second. According to petwithsupplies, Rakvere is one of the largest cities in Estonia.

How to get to Rakvere

It is most convenient to go to Rakvere through St. Petersburg. Previously, the St. Petersburg-Tallinn train stopped in Rakvere, but due to the closure of the railway station and its conversion into a shopping center, the only way to get to the Estonian city relatively quickly is by bus. You can check the schedule and buy tickets at the office. Lux Express website. Non-stop flight – only once a day, 6.5 hours on the way. The rest – with a change in Narva.

You can pave the way through Tallinn. From there, 5 trains leave daily for Rakvere (the journey takes 1 hour and 15 minutes). Schedule and tickets – at the office. website of the Elron railway translator. Buses from the bus station leave every half an hour or an hour and spend the same amount on the road.


The city is served by 5 bus routes connecting all the districts and some surroundings of Rakvere. A taxi ride costs 3-4 EUR. There are no bike rentals, but several hotels offer this service. You can leave your personal car in any parking lot – it’s free. In general, the city is small, it is more convenient to explore it on foot.

Rakvere Hotels

The main hotel in Rakvere is the four-star Aqva Hotel & Spa. People come here for holidays from all over Estonia. Prices are sparing: a double room with breakfast and access to the spa costs 100 EUR per day. There are several pools in the hotel water park: a wave pool with waterfalls, a swimming path and an artificial river, an entertainment pool with underwater jets, open all year round, a 25-meter sports pool with 6 lanes, 2 for children. For those who just need to spend the night, there are three-star hotels, a night in which will cost 50-60 EUR. The apartment can be rented for 40 EUR. There are no hostels in the city.

Cuisine and restaurants

With cafes and restaurants in the city full order. There are inexpensive self-service bistros where you can have a hearty lunch for 5 EUR, and stylish restaurants suitable for a romantic dinner (40-50 EUR for two).

In almost every establishment, regardless of the format, you can find several dishes of Estonian cuisine: “mulgikapsad” (sauerkraut with pork and barley), baked pork with potatoes, aspic. The most popular fast food is burgers, which local cafes offer for 4-6 EUR.

Sights in Rakvere

Rakvere began with a castle. The local fortress has survived to this day, though not in the best condition (of. site). Built by the Danes in the 13th century, a powerful defensive structure changed owners many times, passing to the Teutons, Russians, Swedes, Poles. Today, in the medieval castle on Vallimägi hill, there is a museum, the expositions of which are dedicated to the history of the city, cold (swords) and firearms. Periodically conduct interactive programs. At the entrance there is a souvenir shop where you can buy local history literature, woolen clothes, various medieval things: helmets, figurines of knights, swords. Near the castle there is a huge sculpture of a bull 7 meters long and 4 meters high.

In ancient times, the Estonians called Rakvere Tarbapea, that is, “Bull’s Head”. According to legend, a bull the size of Estonia lived on earth. When people caught him, his body fell on Tartu, and his head on Rakvere.

The main temple of the city is the Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity built in 1856. This is the tallest building in the county and the second in Estonia after Oleviste – 62 m. The decoration of the temple is rather modest, in natural gray colors. For a small fee, you can climb the bell tower, which offers a beautiful view of Rakvere.

Since 2013, an unusual museum dedicated to the police has been operating in the city (off. site). Its uniqueness lies in its interactivity. Museum staff and police officers in a playful way tell children and adults about the peculiarities of the work of law enforcement agencies in Estonia. Here everyone can take fingerprints, solve a murder, make an identikit of a criminal, identify counterfeit banknotes.

Rakvere, Estonia