Popular Destinations in Kazakhstan



Astana is a young capital, and everything in it suggests that this city and the whole republic are looking to the future. The answer to the question “Where can young people relax in Kazakhstan?” there will undoubtedly be Astana, although people of all ages can find something interesting for themselves here.

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The main thing in Astana is, undoubtedly, monuments, and first of all, not historical, but cultural.

The favorite monument of tourists and residents of Astana is the Baiterek monument, which symbolizes life. Inside the monument there is a small gallery and a cafe, and at the top there is an observation deck. The impression the monument leaves is really grandiose.

The entertainment center Duman is popular with tourists, mainly due to its oceanarium. There are also various movie attractions and other attributes of an entertainment facility. It is worth paying attention to the Khan Shatyr shopping center – a striking building where you can combine walks among the tropics with modern entertainment. By the way, in Khan Shatyr there is an artificial beach – the best place to freshen up.

If you like spectacular events, then you should visit the Central Concert Hall and the city circus. They impress not only with their architecture – the performances in them are also very interesting.

A curious museum is Atamaken, which recreates local landscapes in miniature. Of the architectural monuments, pay attention to the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the Khazret-Sultan Mosque, the Beit Rachel Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue, the Presidential Center of Culture, the Shabyt Palace of Creativity and the Palace of Independence.

And if there is a desire to walk around Astana, then be sure to look into the Park of Lovers – a truly romantic place.


Astana is the Kazakh center of shopping. There are many large shopping centers with stores of various well-known brands, for example, Nike or New Yorker. True, it should be understood that the prices here are basically the same as in Russia, and the assortment is no different. Therefore, it will be much more interesting to visit the markets that sell traditional delicacies and handicrafts.


Almaty, or Alma-Ata (the Soviet name) is the former capital of the state, the largest city in the country. Many people, going to Kazakhstan, consider rest in the former capital to be the best option to spend time with interest and benefit.


Alma-Ata is interesting for tourists precisely because of its monuments of nature and architecture. You can view the area from Mount Kok-Tobe, a very picturesque place with an art gallery, an amusement park and a dozen other interesting establishments. You can climb here by cable car.

You should definitely mark the Monument of Art of Republican Significance – a symbol of independence, peace, justice, as this monument is really impressive. An important architectural landmark is the Central Mosque, not luxurious, but successfully fitting into the surrounding buildings.

If you are relaxing with children, then you should visit the city circus and the zoo. However, they deserve attention even without children – the circus is interesting from an architectural point of view, and the zoo really amazes with the size and conditions of the animals. Families with children also like to visit the city amusement park.

Of the museums, the Central State Museum deserves special attention, which exhibits more than three hundred thousand exhibits dedicated to the history of the state from ancient times to the present.

Active entertainment

Almaty is especially good because it allows you not only to see the sights, but also to spend time actively. For example, you can climb Medeu, the world’s largest alpine skating rink, open to visitors from October to May.

And literally at a distance of 25 kilometers from the center is Chimbulak – one of the main ski resorts in the country. Trails for beginners and professionals, a zone for snowboarders – in general, everything for an active pastime. Snow on the slopes lies from November to May.


It’s not worth going here for shopping – the prices and assortment here are about the same as in Russia. There are several fairly large shopping centers in the city, which represent international and local brands. Markets are also good, for example, the Flea Market, where they sell cheap trinkets and souvenirs.


If you are interested in where to relax in Kazakhstan on the beach, then you should pay attention to the coast of the Caspian Sea, namely Aktau. The resort is located almost in the desert, it is very hot and dry, which makes swimming in the Caspian Sea especially pleasant. Recently, Aktau has become more and more popular with tourists, standing on a par with beach resorts on the lakes.


There are five beaches in Aktau, located next to each other:

  • Soldier’s Beach is a free zone on the coast. There is practically no infrastructure, including rescue towers and a first-aid post;
  • Manila – a free beach with a bathhouse, a hotel and a summer cafe. Well guarded and generally very clean;
  • Nur Plaza is a beach with a paid entrance, very comfortable. It is divided into two zones – you can enter one with your food, and you can’t go to the second. There are showers, toilets, changing cabins;
  • Dostar is another paid beach with a highly developed infrastructure and a new hotel;
  • Marrakech is a new beach with numerous active entertainment, sun loungers, a pier. We love the youth very much.

All the beaches of the resort are very clean, well-maintained, it is comfortable and pleasant to relax on them.


Many people go to Aktau for therapeutic rest – it is here that the famous Shagala sanatorium is located, where you can improve almost the entire body thanks to the healing waters.

In this regard, the Ivushka base with a unique mineral hot spring is also interesting – tourists note that after swimming in it you feel like a new person.


Aktau is a very young city, and there are practically no historical sights here. In the early Middle Ages, the Great Silk Road passed here, and in the vicinity you can find the remains of old architecture, but you will not find ancient buildings in Aktau itself. However, its sights are still interesting – you can look at the lighthouse on the roof of the house, the wedding palace or a very beautiful city mosque. Tourists also love the port of Aktau and the city park with interesting sculptures.

There are many places for recreation in Aktau. You can visit the health and entertainment center “Stigl”, equipped for practicing various sports and relaxing in the bath and sauna. Or you can drive two hundred kilometers from Aktau and visit the Kenderli complex, where tourists are provided with sports and entertainment events, warm sea, clean air and excellent beaches.


There are several shopping centers in Aktau with goods of world brands, but in general, shopping cannot be called particularly exciting.


Borovoe – “Kazakh Switzerland”, an incredibly picturesque place with bizarre rocks, greenery and numerous lakes. Many who have chosen Kazakhstan for their vacation go here.


There are a lot of lakes in the Borovoe area, and almost all of them have beaches on the coast. The beaches of Lake Borovoye itself are especially loved by tourists – noisy, cheerful, with cafes and discos. Those who like a more relaxed pastime prefer to go to Lake Shchuchye, with its sanatoriums and luxury hotels.

Almost every base or hotel has its own beach area, although you can also stay on wild beaches – tourists can even put up tents on them.


In the vicinity of Lake Borovoe there are many sanatoriums. In them, healing waters treat diseases of the digestive tract, musculoskeletal system, heart, blood vessels, genitourinary and respiratory systems. Also, various spa services are available in almost all hotels and recreation centers.

By the way, it is worth noting that the question “Where to relax in Kazakhstan is cheap?” Borovoye is unlikely to answer – as the locals joke, in Kazakh Switzerland the prices are Swiss, especially in hotels and sanatoriums.


They are mostly natural in this region, almost all of them are accessible on foot, and horseback riding is arranged for many. You can look at Kokshetau – the highest mountain in the north of the republic. From its top you have a great view of the surroundings. Tourists and climbers love Mount Okzhetpes, or Elephant. By the way, it has routes suitable for beginners.

Another feature of Borovoye is that you can gamble here, so there are many casinos here.


It is unlikely that you will be able to go shopping in Borovoye itself – only food and souvenirs are sold in the markets, and there are really no branded stores and shopping centers. So if you dream of shopping, then you should get out to Astana – it is only 100 kilometers from the resort.