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Palma Attractions

Attractions in Palma

Palma offers a number of great sights and attractions. Here you will find world-class architecture. And a number of good museums. Do you want an overview map of Palma with all the attractions?

Catedral la Seu
Palma’s magnificent Gothic-style Catalan cathedral is called Catedral la Seu. Construction started in the 13th century, and the cathedral was only completed in 1601. The dome is 43 meters high. The artist Gaudi designed an iron-forged canopy over the main altar in 1909. The cathedral is open from 8 p.m. 1000 to 1800 on weekdays and 7 p.m. 1000 to 1400 on Saturdays.

Palau del’Almudaina
On the opposite side of the Cathedral of Palma you will find the palace which has been the residence of Majorca’s royal families. The palace is surrounded by a Moorish-style garden. From here there is a great view of the harbor. Opening hours are like the cathedral.

Castell del Bellver
On the hillside you will find the Castell del Bellver castle from 1309. This was originally the summer residence of Mallorca’s royal family. Today you will find Palma’s city museum at the castle. The museum has archaeological finds and ancient coins. Opening hours are from 7 p.m. 0800 to 2030. The castle is surrounded by a pleasant parkland.

Museu d’Art Espanyol Contemporani The
Museu d’Art Espanyol Contemporani is Palma’s most famous art gallery. It has works of art from famous people like Picasso, Miró, Dalí and Tapies. Opening hours are at 1000–1830 on weekdays (Saturdays from 1000–1330). The address is Sant Miquel 11 opposite Placa Major.

You will find Marineland on the road between Palma and the beach of Palma Nova, more specifically on the beach of Calvia’s Costa d’en Blanes. The address is Garcilaso de la Vega, 9. If you drive, take the Andratx motorway. Marineland is just ten minutes from Palma. There are also buses from Placa Espanya (lines 102, 103, 104, 106, 107 and 111). Marineland is a park with dolphins, sea lions and a show of pearl diving.

Es Baluard Museum
This art museum is located in the old part of town. Among other things, it offers modern art, as perceived by artists based in and around the Mediterranean. You will find works by Picasso, Miró, Ramis, Karl Appell and several other famous artists in this museum. The address is Plaça Porta de Santa Catalina 10. The museum is located at Pasao Maritime.

Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation
You will find approx. 2000 works of art by Miró in Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation. The museum, or rather the gallery, is located next to the house where Miró lived in Palma. The museum is very suitable for those who want to get inspired and enjoy the avant-garde art. But the museum offers more: Here is a bookstore, cafeteria, garden and more. The address is Joan de Saridakis, 29 and it is located just outside even Palma town.

Lonja The
fish market Lonja was designed by the famous architect and artist Sagrera and built in the period 1426 to 1447. It is considered a jewel when it comes to Catalan-Gothic architecture. The floor of the building is a perfect rectangle, 46 meters long and 28 meters wide.

Golf Fantasia
Golf Fantasia is located in Palma Nova (about ten kilometers outside Palma town). Here you will find three 18-hole mini golf courses. Everything is beautifully placed in tropical gardens. This applies not least to that ”19. the hole ”with a snack bar, where you can buy drinks, good food and enjoy yourself in a quiet atmosphere. Here you will also find arcades for the children.

Pueblo Espanol
Founded in 1967, Pueblo Espanol is located west of Palma city center [see photo first in article]. This “city in the city” has copied architectural masterpieces from all over Spain and is considered the world’s third best of its kind. Here you will find Casa Canaria on Tenerife, El Greco’s house in Toledo and Banos Arabes in Granada as well as much more.

Tourist in Palma

Hopefully Palma will meet you in good weather (Mallorca is usually a sunny island). We recommend starting the visit to get to know Palma. Purchase a ticket on one of Palma’s sightseeing buses. A ticket, valid for 24 hours, costs approx. 150 kroner. You may find it expensive, but the urban area is large, and the advantage of such a ticket is that you can get on and off as often as you like.

The buses run at 20 minute intervals from early morning to afternoon or evening, depending on the season.

Day 1 in Palma

Palma Attractions 2

The natural starting point to get to know Palma is the cathedral. Right next to the Catedral O la Sea you will find the royal family residence. There are also museums at the cathedral. On the lower side of the cathedral you will find the beautiful park, Parc de la Mar. Just below the park you have the seafront and Palma’s quay. Take your time here. Once you are familiar with this area, return to the Cathedral and on to Plaza Reina. This place is located on the upper side of Catedral O la Sea.

Plaza Reina is a great starting point for various activities. For example, stroll the Passeig des Born street. Outside restaurants, tapas bars and people’s streets mark the street, and you feel the atmosphere and pulse of the city as you walk here. At the end of the street you reach Placa Joan Carlos Square.

If you choose to turn left at Placa Joan Carlos, you may encounter Palma’s most exclusive shopping street. It’s called Avenu Jaime III. However, let the shopping wait until later in the day. Instead, turn right and walk to the main square, Placa Mayor. Plaza Mayor is a very central place in the old town. Sit down at one of the restaurants or bars and enjoy a Bocadillo or a Pa amb Oli with a glass of wine or a good cup of coffee. From Plaza Mayor, take the la Rambla street (yes, the same name as the main street in Barcelona) until you reach the intersection with the streets of Via Portugal and Via Alemanya. La Rambla has shops of all kinds. Follow the street via Alemanya toAvenue Comte Sallent and you come to the famous place, Placa Espanya. Placa Espanya is a traffic hub with both the railway and bus station. You will also find a small park nearby where you can relax and study the wildlife.

From Placa Espanya you go down Avenu d’Alexandre Rosello and further down to the harbor. You will then see the park and cathedral on your right as you descend to the water. This latest walking tour takes approx. 30 minutes.

We now suggest you have a late lunch at one of the many restaurants or tapas bars near Placa Reina. Feel free to choose an eatery with sea views. It will be a good choice.

After dinner, we suggest you spend your time relaxing on the boardwalk or swimming. There are not many beaches in Palma itself, but you will find a beach on Joan Miró street to the west of the city. There is a passage to the beach below the hotel Nixe Placa. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to Palma Nova (ten kilometers outside Palma city) or use one of the buses leaving from Placa Espanya.

Isn’t it a bathroom, maybe a museum visit might make sense? We propose the Museum Museu d’art Espanyol Contemporani, which is Palma’s most famous art gallery. Here you will find works by famous artists such as Dalí, Miró and Picasso. The address is Sant Miguel 11. It is near Placa Major.

Dinner is eaten late in Spain, and Palma is no exception. A sensible dinner time is at. 2100. You will find many cozy restaurants all over Palma. One suggestion might be Rodeo Grill, one of Mallorca’s best barbecue restaurants. The address is Calle Romon y Cajal 14.

After dinner, you should only experience the Spanish nightlife. For those who prefer bars and pubs, we suggest you start at Placa Reina. If you want a disco, why not go for the best: Tito is a world-renowned disco located on the seafront. The address is Paseo Maritimo 43. There is no point in getting there until 0100.

Day 2 in Palma

Palma Attractions

We suggest an excursion to Castell de Bellver Castle, [see image above] which is west of the city center. Here you have the best viewpoint of Palma and Mallorca. And there is a very beautiful view that awaits you. It is possible to enter the Castell de Bellver, which also houses the Palma City Museum. Here you can see different archaeological finds. In addition, there is a great park area in the area around the castle.

After the visit you can walk down the many stairs to Palma town itself. Follow Bellver Street all the way until you meet Joan Miró Street. Turn right and you will reach Porto Pi, the most famous shopping mall in Palma. Here you can shop most of the time. You will find shops like Zara, Disney Store and Lacoste. In addition, there are many restaurants if you want a snack. For those of you who want more shopping, we suggest you take a taxi to Placa Joan Carlos and walk Jaume III and nearby streets.

We would also suggest a visit to Pueblo Espanol, which is west of the city center. [See image above] Here you will find all of Spain in miniature. This mini city is considered among the world’s best of its kind. Click here for maps. Here are also simple restaurants, bars, etc.

This evening we suggest that you do as the Spaniards and take a proper tapas round. Start at the Tapas Bar Making Tapas. Here, the light dishes are sent on tapes around the restaurant, and you pick what you want. After a while you continue to the next tapas bar, and to the next etc.

If you want further night activities, you can take a taxi to Plaza de Gomla. Here you will find many bars, clubs and eateries.