Oxford County, Maine Weather

Oxford County, Maine is a rural county situated in the western part of the state. It is bordered by Franklin County to the north, Androscoggin County to the east, Cumberland County to the south, and New Hampshire to the west. With a population of 57,833 people as of 2019, Oxford County is known for its stunning natural beauty and charming small towns.

According to sportingology.com, the history of Oxford County dates back thousands of years with evidence of Native American presence in the area long before European settlers arrived. In 1778, it was officially incorporated as a county and today it remains largely rural with many small towns scattered throughout its rolling hills and forests.

Oxford County offers plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy such as hiking trails at Grafton Notch State Park or canoeing and kayaking on one of its many pristine lakes. Visitors can also browse through unique local shops in downtown Bethel or visit some of its historical sites such as the Fryeburg Historical Society Museum which showcases artifacts from early settlers in the area.

Oxford County has also been home to several famous people including poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who was born in Portland; singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne who grew up in Nashua; actress Anna Kendrick who was born in Portland; astronaut Alan Shepard who was born in Derry; and painter Winslow Homer who spent his summers at Prouts Neck near Scarborough Beach while he painted some of his most famous works.

With its spectacular natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, Oxford County provides visitors with an unforgettable experience that will keep them coming back year after year.

Climate and weather in Oxford County, Maine

According to liuxers.com, Oxford County, Maine is situated in the western part of the state and offers a moderate climate with distinct seasons. The county experiences four distinct seasons with humid summers and cold winters. The average temperature in summer ranges from the low 70s to low 80s while winter temperatures range from the mid-teens to low 30s.

Rainfall is abundant throughout the year with an average of 43 inches per year, most of which falls during the summer months. Snowfall can be heavy during winter months, especially in January and February when temperatures dip below freezing. The record snowfall for Oxford County was set on February 17th, 1969 when 24 inches fell over a 24 hour period.

Oxford County can also experience extreme weather such as severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and nor’easters. Severe thunderstorms are common during summer months and can bring heavy rain, hail, lightning strikes, and even tornadoes on rare occasions. Hurricanes usually affect Oxford County during late summer or early fall months while nor’easters are more likely to occur during wintertime when they bring strong winds and large amounts of snow or rain to the area.

Oxford County has a moderate climate that allows for plenty of outdoor activities all year round such as fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and more. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some peace and quiet or explore some of its many attractions, Oxford County provides something for everyone no matter what season it is.

Transportation in Oxford County, Maine

Oxford County, Maine has a variety of transportation options for its residents. Public transportation is available in the form of bus services, which run throughout the county and connect towns and villages to the larger cities in Maine. There are also taxi services available, which are convenient for those who need to travel short distances or who do not have access to their own vehicle. For visitors, there is also an airport located in Oxford County that offers flights to various domestic destinations.

For those who prefer to travel by car, there are several highways that run through Oxford County. These highways provide easy access to points within and outside of the county. Additionally, drivers can take advantage of the scenic back roads that run through rural areas of the county and offer a slower pace of travel with views of rolling hills and farmland. For cyclists and hikers, there are several trails that traverse the county’s landscape, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and exercise while taking in some stunning scenery.

Cities and towns in Oxford County, Maine

According to COUNTRYAAH, Oxford County, Maine is home to several cities and towns that offer a variety of amenities for its residents. The largest city in the county is Rumford, which is located on the Androscoggin River and serves as the county seat. Rumford offers a range of services including shops, restaurants, schools, medical facilities, and a library. Other cities in the county include Mexico, Fryeburg, Norway, Paris, and South Paris.

In addition to these larger cities, there are also numerous small towns located throughout Oxford County. These towns include Bethel, Buckfield, Hartford, Hebron, Newry, Otisfield and Stoneham. Each of these towns provides its own unique atmosphere with historic buildings and local businesses that give them their own distinct character.

All of these cities and towns offer their own attractions for visitors to enjoy while visiting Oxford County. These attractions range from outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing to historical sites like museums or monuments that tell the story of the area’s past. There are also numerous cultural events that take place throughout the year such as festivals or concerts that bring people together to celebrate their community’s heritage.