Nauru 1998

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Yearbook 1998

Nauru. On June 18, Bernard Dowiyogo was elected new president after Kinza Clodumar lost a vote of no confidence in Parliament. According to local sources, there was a strong dissatisfaction among MPs with the extensive reforms Clodumar tried to push through. According to Countryaah, the capital of Nauru is Yaren District. Dowiyogo previously held the presidential office for four periods, most recently for two weeks in November 1996.

In July 2002, Nauru established diplomatic relations with China. Taiwan responded again by 2 days later severing diplomatic relations with Nauru. In return, Nauru received an aid package of DKK 130 million. US $ from China.

After struggling for office with René Harris, in January 2003, Bernard Dowiyogo took over the presidential post and described the situation in the country as critical. Dowiyogo died as early as March after a heart surgery. Ludwig Scotty was elected president in May, but was given a vote of no confidence in Parliament a short time later. He was replaced in August by René Harris.

In December 2003, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) expressed its concern at the hundreds of refugees – predominantly Afghans but also Iraqis, including 90 children – detained in Nauru. Some of them for over 2 years.

On June 23, 2004, Harris was dismissed by a vote of no confidence in Parliament, and replaced by the post of Ludwig Scotty.

In May 2005, Nauru decided to restore diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which had otherwise been interrupted since 2002. The decision led to Chinese anger, and China declared that Nauru’s decision was based solely on the desire for “material gains”. That same year, the country’s only airplane was taken over by a North American bank as Nauru was unable to pay interest and installments on the machine.

A WHO report in February 2006 pointed out that Asia in particular is ravaged by a diabetes epidemic and that the South will continue to spread over the next 2 decades. The report also pointed out that Naura is the country in the world that has the most diabetes cases in terms of population.

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