Mohave County, Arizona Weather

Mohave County is located in the northwestern corner of Arizona, south of Utah and Nevada. It is the second largest county in Arizona, covering an area of 13,470 square miles. The population of Mohave County was estimated to be 204,959 in 2019.

According to, the area now known as Mohave County was once home to numerous Native American tribes such as the Mojave, Hualapai and Havasupai. In 1864, the county was officially created by the Arizona Territorial Legislature out of Yavapai County. It was named after the Mohave River that flows through it and became an important trading post for various Native American tribes.

Today, Mohave County is a popular tourist destination due to its diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore natural attractions such as Grand Canyon National Park or Lake Mead National Recreation Area while also taking part in various outdoor activities like camping, fishing or hiking.

The county also offers a variety of cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries and historical sites that showcase its unique history and culture. Popular attractions include Fort Mojave Indian Village – a National Historic Landmark located near Bullhead City – or Oatman Ghost Town – a former gold mining town located near Kingman.

In addition to its many attractions, Mohave County has been home to some famous people over the years including actor Bill Pullman (born in Hornell), musician Glenn Frey (from Detroit) and astronaut Joe Engle (born in Davenport).

Mohave County offers visitors plenty of opportunities for exploration with its diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or cultural attractions – there’s something here for everyone.

Climate and weather in Mohave County, Arizona

According to, Mohave County, Arizona has a desert climate that is characterized by mild winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature ranges from 43°F (6°C) in January to 90°F (32°C) in July. The county receives an average of 8.3 inches (210 mm) of precipitation per year, mostly occurring between November and March when thunderstorms are common.

In the summer months, temperatures can reach as high as 110°F (43°C), with humidity levels often reaching 10 percent or lower. The area is also prone to dust storms due to its dry climate and high winds. During the winter months, temperatures can drop below freezing at night but typically remain above 50°F (10°C) during the day.

Snowfall is not common in Mohave County, but it does occasionally occur when cold air masses move south from Canada or northern states such as Colorado and Utah. On average, Mohave County receives less than two inches of snow annually, usually in January or February.

Due to its location in the Mojave Desert, Mohave County has some of the clearest skies in the United States with more than 300 days of sunshine each year. With its mild winters and hot summers, it is an ideal destination for outdoor activities like hiking or camping throughout most of the year.

Transportation in Mohave County, Arizona

Mohave County, Arizona offers a variety of transportation options to get around the area. The most popular form of transportation is by car, as the county has an extensive network of roads and highways. The major highway in the area is Interstate 40 which connects Kingman to Needles, California. Other major roads include Highway 93 which runs north-south through the county and Highway 95 which runs east-west.

Public transportation is also available in Mohave County with a local bus system operated by Mohave Area General Transit (MAGT). The MAGT buses operate throughout Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City and other towns in the county. They offer convenient connections to shopping centers, businesses, schools and medical facilities.

In addition to buses, there is also an airport located in Bullhead City called Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP). This airport serves commercial flights from Las Vegas and Phoenix as well as private planes and helicopters. It also provides access to private charter services for those who wish to explore more remote areas of Mohave County or nearby states such as Nevada or Utah.

For those looking for a more leisurely way to explore the area, there are several companies that provide river tours along the Colorado River. These tours take visitors downriver past stunning canyons and breathtaking views while providing insight into local culture and history.

Mohave County provides visitors with plenty of options for getting around the area whether they choose to drive themselves or use public transportation or river tours.

Cities and towns in Mohave County, Arizona

According to COUNTRYAAH, Mohave County, Arizona is home to four major cities and several smaller towns. The largest city in the county is Kingman, which has a population of around 28,000 and is the county seat. Kingman is well-known for its historic downtown area and its proximity to the Grand Canyon. Other major cities include Bullhead City with a population of around 40,000, Lake Havasu City with a population of about 54,000 and Fort Mohave with a population of about 14,500.

In addition to these larger cities there are several smaller towns located throughout Mohave County. The town of Golden Valley is located in the western part of the county and has a population of about 2,200 people. Chloride is situated in the northern region and has a population of around 200 people. Yucca is located along Interstate 40 in central Mohave County and has an estimated population of 300 people. Other small towns include Oatman, Hackberry, Valle Vista and White Hills which all have populations ranging from 100 to 500 people each.

Each city or town offers visitors something unique to explore whether it’s the historic downtown area in Kingman or the stunning views along Lake Havasu. Visitors can find plenty to do within each community from shopping at local stores or dining at restaurants to exploring nature trails or taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.

Mohave County offers visitors plenty of opportunities for exploration whether they choose to stay in one of its larger cities or visit one of its many smaller towns. Each city or town provides something unique that you won’t find anywhere else making it an ideal destination for those looking for adventure.