Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles without being too far away, Long Beach would be a real alternative.

Admittedly, no city in California can beat Los Angeles so quickly; at least when it comes to brand awareness. At best, San Francisco can keep up in this area. Otherwise, however, Hollywood and the celebrities of the dream factories seem to outshine everything else there is to see in interesting places. It’s a shame, because Long Beach is definitely worth a trip. The second largest city has a lot to offer in terms of sights and above all quality of life.

Port city directly on the Pacific Ocean

Long Beach is administratively a separate city. Geographically, however, the boundaries are blurring in a large area that is still developing dynamically. Long Beach could almost be the southernmost district of LA go through. The location directly on the Pacific results from the fact that the second largest port in the USA is located here – and the tenth largest in the world. Goods worth almost one hundred billion dollars are handled here year after year. Anyone who likes ships, who is interested in state-of-the-art container technology, is more than right here. But even if neither is the case, you should at least go to the harbor once during a stay in Long Beach in the evening. Then such a colorful, huge sea of ​​lights unfolds there that many a skyline could hide behind it in terms of attractiveness.

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Where internationality shapes the face and heart of the city

“The International City” – that is Long Beach’s middle name. On the one hand, of course, this has to do with the port and its ships from all over the world. Second, however, also with the aircraft industry, which plays an important economic role in the city. But above all, and most clearly visible to the visitor, it is due to the internationality of the people who live here. Long Beach seems to attract people of many different races and nationalities in its own way. The average age is well below 35 years. This shapes the attitude towards life in the city, which is always happy, “busy” and in a good mood. In this industrial city people work, they earn good money and also spend good money here. The posh residential areas,

Parks and leisure attractions

Anyone who works in California and earns a lot of money wants to be offered something in return. Of course, tourists also benefit from this attitude. You can really relax in Long Beach. The city has already received several national awards for the number and excellent condition of its parks and recreational areas. With the “Aquarium of the Pacific” (100 Aquarium Way) one of the largest artificial water worlds is available in the USA and the world. An absolute must for animal lovers and everyone who is traveling with children. Over 12,000 different species of fish and other marine life can be admired in this aquarium. Of course, there are also sharks – and not just the small species! Whether penguins or sea otters, Whether dolphins or barracudas – animals can be observed up close and with high entertainment value in this amusement park. Live shows, restaurants and shops contribute to the fact that you can spend at least half a day, if not a whole day, in a most pleasant way. If you then got a taste for it, you can take a trip out to the Pacific. “Whale Watching” and “Dolphon Watching” are certainly among the nicest things a stay in Long Beach has to offer.

Hail Queen Mary!

Another attraction in Long Beach is the “Queen Mary” (1126 Queens Highway). The once proud passenger steamer and cruise ship giant has finally anchored in the port of Long Beach and now serves as a conference center and an original hotel. In addition, a museum was set up for the general public, in which a worthy memorial could be erected for transcontinental passenger shipping in the pre-war period. However, you don’t have to be a hotel guest or a museum visitor to experience pure cruise romance on the “Queen Mary” or to understand the feudal atmosphere of the first-class passengers when crossing the Atlantic. You can also simply have dinner on the ship or enjoy a British high tea at five o’clock.

Long Beach, California