Hurghada Travel Guide


Sunny Hurghada is full of exoticism. Ease of vacation, beautiful beaches and affordable resorts make Hurghada, Egypt an excellent holiday destination.

Hurghada is a combination of history, turquoise blue sea, scorching sun and oriental trading style. The Red Sea, which washes the beaches of the destination, attracts divers from all over the world to the resort town – after all, it is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world.


From a fishing village to a popular holiday destination

Hurghada is located on the shores of the Red Sea on the eastern edge of Egypt. The Egyptian capital, Cairo, is about 500 kilometers from Hurghada and about 300 kilometers from historic Luxor.

Spread along the shores of the Red Sea, Hurghada was a modest fishing village for centuries until tourists noticed its picturesque charm in the 1990s. Hurghada quickly grew into one of Egypt’s most popular holiday destinations.

Hurgahda is especially known as a beach resort that offers unparalleled opportunities for water sports and excursions around Egypt.

Egyptian beach resorts attract you for a relaxing holiday.

Hot and dry climate

Hurghada has a hot and dry wilderness climate. The coolest in Hurghada is December-February, when average daily temperatures remain at 20 degrees. In spring and fall, the day’s highest temperatures are at 30 degrees, and during the summer months, mercury draws in to near 40 degrees. Temperatures drop greatly with the sun, so at night the resort can be cool.

For travel agencies, Hurghada is a winter holiday destination in particular, offering sun and warmth in the midst of Finnish frosts. However, trips to Hurghada are made all year round.

On the beach and below the surface

The Hurghada hotel area is bordered by kilometers of beach, which offers opportunities for both sun worship and water sports. Many hotels have their own beach where hotel guests can laze for free. If you want to visit another hotel on the beach, you often have to pay a small entrance fee. The waters of Hurghada are quite safe for swimming and are also suitable for beach games for families with children.

Hurghada is a well-known dive site, with coral reefs attracting even professional divers. An authentic underwater fairytale world beats the artificial aquariums from the board. On holiday, you should go on a day-long snorkeling trip to the coral reefs of deeper waters, for example. There are also many diving schools in Hurghada.

Shopping at bazaars and convenience stores

Today’s bustling Hurghada is divided into two main areas: the old city of El Dahar in the north and the modern Sekkala in the south. Both areas of Hurghada offer a range of hotels, restaurants and a variety of tourist destinations.

Egypt is a fairly affordable holiday destination. Hurghada has a lot of different shopping opportunities from cheap souvenir stalls to branded stores. While shopping in Hurghada is also possible in larger malls, traditional bazaars offer a different shopping experience.

As a souvenir, you can buy a piece depicting a sacred pill spinner, a papyrus board repeating the themes of hieroglyphics, or a beautiful bottle of perfume oil. Merchants invite customers to their stores, offer refreshments and are happy to repeat a couple of phrases they have learned in Finnish.

Egyptian beach resorts

Excursions to Cairo and Luxor

Hurghada is a good starting point for excursions around Egypt. Many tour operators offer day or couple trips to Luxor and Cairo, for example. Trips are usually folded by buses, and the sudden change of scenery makes the eyes blink. Where there used to be a barren desert a moment ago, there is now a lush virgin Nile river valley or a vibrant city of millions.

Luxor is one of the most fascinating places in Egypt, as there are numerous well-preserved temples in this ancient capital. From the walls of the temples you can read hieroglyphs and Illustrations preserved in amazingly bright colors.

Luxor is just a short drive from the tombs of the legendary Valley of the Kings. Peeking inside Pharaoh’s tomb and sarcophagus is a guaranteed experience to remember.

In the current capital of Egypt, Cairo, you can see the pyramids of Giza with their sphinxes, which are also tombstones. Tourists will also enjoy the Cairo Egyptian Museum admiring mummies and gold treasures.

A popular way to explore the treasures of Egypt is to cruise along the Nile. Nile cruises allow you to explore Egypt’s lush river valley and take guided tours of the surrounding areas. Excursions and destinations vary depending on the tour operator and the length of the cruise, but Luxor and the Valley of the Kings are usually at the top of the to-do list.