Equatorial Guinea 1998

Equatorial Guinea Capital

Yearbook 1998

Equatorial Guinea. In January, separatist unrest erupted on the island of Bioko. They were in contradiction between the two peoples bubi, who dominate numerically on Bioko, and fang, who dominate on the mainland. According to Countryaah, the capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo. The Bubi people have long protested against the prisoners’ control of the country’s political bodies. The government blamed the unrest, which cost seven people’s lives, on Miab, a separatist movement fighting for Bioko’s self-determination.

After the incidents, 400 people were arrested, several of whom were reportedly tortured severely. Of those arrested, 117 were tried in the spring. About half of them received prison sentences of between 6 and 25 years, while 15 people were sentenced to death in early June, according to Information Minister Lucas Nguema accused of terrorism.

Country data

Area: 28,051 km2 (world ranking: 142)

Residents: 1,268,000

Population density: 45 per km2 (as of 2017, world ranking: 155)

Capital: Malabo

Official languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese

Gross domestic product: 12.5 billion US $; Real growth: -3.2%

Gross national product (GNP, per resident and year): 7060 US$

Currency: CFA franc


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19, 14195 Berlin
Telephone 030 88663877,
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Head of State: Teodoro Obiang Nguema MbasogoTeodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Head of Government: Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, Appearance: Simeón Oyono Esono Angue

National Day: 12.10.

Administrative structure
7 provinces

State and form of government
Constitution of 1991
Presidential Republic
Parliament: Chamber of People’s Representatives (Cámara de Representantes del Pueblo) with 100 members, election every 5 years; Senate with 70 members (55 elected, 15 appointed by the President), election every 5 years
Direct election of the head of state every 7 years (one-time re-election) Right to
vote from 18 years

Population: Equatorial Guineans, last census 2015 (preliminary): 1,222,442 residents over Bantu: 84% Fang, Benga and others on the mainland, 10% Bubi and 3000 Fernandinos in Bioko

Cities (with population): (as of 2015) Bata 312,000 residents, Malabo (Bioko) 257,000

Religions: 88% Catholics, 5% Protestants, 2 % Muslims; indigenous religions (status: 2006)

Languages: Spanish, French; Fang, Bubi, Ndowe, Portuguese Creole, Fernando Po (Pidgin-English) Employed

By economic sector: no information

Unemployment (in% of all economically active persons)
no information

Inflation rate (in%): 2017: 0.7%

Foreign trade: Import: 2.0 billion US – $ (2017); Export: 5.2 billion US $ (2017)

Equatorial Guinea Capital