Behavior of Indonesia Local Residents

Behavior of Indonesia Local Residents

In Indonesia, you can’t point fingers at anyone. It is strictly forbidden to touch the head of an Indonesian. Shows of tenderness in public should be avoided, you should not cross your legs, putting your foot in someone’s direction, talk about politics, shout and get angry. Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, and therefore the following rules should be observed: you can not wear too short shorts and skirts, sunbathe without the top of a swimsuit, in government offices and mosques, clothing must cover the knees.
Indonesians are hospitable and hospitable (even unnecessarily) They will gladly show you their home and way of life. Indonesia organizes many festivals of folk music and dances, usually designed for tourists.

However, Indonesians may be offended by some of our habits that we don’t even pay attention to. Here are some tips on how to avoid cultural differences. In Indonesian culture, different parts of the body have a special meaning. For example, the head is sacred, so no one has the right to touch another person’s head. This is a big insult. God forbid you pat a child on the head. Feet, on the contrary, are considered bad, so you should not swing your legs in sacred places, and even more so point your foot at someone.

General recommendations:

Never eat with your left hand in Indonesia! Traditionally, the left hand is used for rinsing after bowel movements. Therefore, Indonesians not only do not eat with their left hand, but also do not pass anything to it.

You find yourself in the humid tropics, which squeeze sweat out of a person worse than any sauna. Therefore, stock up on shirts, blouses and underwear at the rate of 2-3 shifts per day. Laundry (for a fee) will be provided by the hotel.

It is believed that in Indonesia it is not customary to tip, so rejoice! Better spend your money on one of the countless excursions. However, some special services still have to be encouraged with additional funds. Sometimes your sly guide or porter may make an expectant expression. Of course, it is more profitable to pretend that you have no idea about the existence of a tip. How do you decide. Most often, taxi drivers ask for a cash supplement. The amount in this case is usually rounded up to 500 rupees. Porters in the hotel are sometimes eager to get 100 rupees for their work.

It is recommended to exchange money in banks, where the exchange rate is the most favorable. Keep your receipts when you change currency because you may need them when you leave to exchange Indonesian Rupiah for another currency. Traveler’s checks can be exchanged at banks or exchange offices, and are also accepted at some shops. The main types of credit cards are accepted for payment mainly in expensive hotels, restaurants and shops, but are not convenient for daily spending.

Helpful Hints

According to, Indonesia has a low crime rate, but vigilance never hurt anyone. Serious crimes are extremely rare, but there are cases of theft in tourist areas. You need to be careful in public transport and in crowded places. Sometimes there are cases of theft from hotel rooms: there are no bars on the windows of the lower floors, but they face the street. Keep your wealth in a safe.

Quite a difficult situation on Indonesian roads. Despite the rather strict rules of the road and severe penalties for violations, Indonesians rarely follow these rules. In addition, wild animals often appear on the road. You need to be very careful and not “reckless”, but it is better to rent a car with a driver.

In no case should you use and even more so distribute drugs in Indonesia, even light ones. The punishment is the death penalty!!! For foreigners, the punishment can be mitigated – 20 years in prison with a strict regime.

If you travel to small islands and remote corners of the country, you must be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, and malaria. If you are traveling to the capital of Indonesia – Jakarta, to the island of Bali or Java, vaccination is not required. Any information about the current situation in the country can be found at the Center for Epidemiological Surveillance in Moscow by calling (095) 287-03-09.

Drinking water should be purchased from stores. You can wash and brush your teeth with tap water.

In coral areas, use rubber slippers when swimming, as you can get very injured and get an infection on carals. To avoid sunstroke and burns, use hats and sunscreen.

The quality of food in cafes, restaurants, hotels and other catering establishments is carefully checked and processed. The only thing to watch out for is that the pieces of ice served in soft drinks have the correct square shape – this means that purified water, and not tap water, has become ice in this case. You should not buy drinks on the streets, especially draft ones – you can earn an intestinal infection.

You need to know about the presence of active volcanoes. In the western part of the island of Java, on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, you can meet tigers and wild bulls. Be careful.

Behavior of Indonesia Local Residents