The Ljubljanica River flows through Ljubljana.

Great views of Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle is located on a high hill above the city and offers magnificent views over the entire city. The castle was built in the 16th century and has previously served as a royal residence in the past. The castle has been restored in recent years and today hosts many different cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions. The castle also houses a museum on Slovenian history.

You can climb the hill on foot, but you can also get there by funicular. The castle can be visited mainly free of charge, but guided tours and visits to certain parts of the castle, such as the observation tower, are subject to an entrance fee.


Three bridges over the river bank bustle

The heart of Ljubljana is Prešernov trg Square along the Ljubljanica River. The architecturally beautiful square is bordered by several cafés and is also surrounded by the best shopping streets. Especially in summer, a wide range of street artists perform in the square.

The steps of the Pink Franciscan Church are a popular meeting and hangout place for locals and tourists alike. Sit on the stairs to watch the hustle and bustle of people and enjoy the village-like atmosphere of the city.

From April to October, the square hosts a food market where local restaurants and chefs showcase their skills and offer delicious food. The market time is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Slovenian cuisine, but international cuisine is also on offer.

From the square leave three famous bridges side by side across the river to the old town. The banks of the river are full of bars and restaurants with terraces, as well as various stalls. In the evenings, people from Ljubljana gather in the bars of Joenranta to enjoy themselves and enjoy a good drink and food.

The old town goes a long way in history

Ljubljana’s Old Town is small, but all the more charming. In addition to cafes and restaurants, there are plenty of small boutiques in the Old Town, and time goes by unnoticed wandering around and looking at beautiful historic buildings.

In the old town, you can also visit the beautiful St. Nicholas Cathedral and the lively market area behind it. At the same time, you can visit the bridge guarded by the four dragons. These mystical creatures have become symbols of Ljubljana.

Tivoli Park

Tivoli Park is the largest and most picturesque park in Ljubljana. In the beautiful park you will find fountains, statues, chestnut trees and flower plantations, among which walking is a miraculously soothing activity during a city break.

The park’s botanical garden is also worth experiencing. The glass greenhouses in the garden provide a tropical atmosphere all year round.

The park also serves as a common living room for city dwellers, often hosting events, concerts and exhibitions. The green area also offers great opportunities for sports, and the park is a popular outdoor area for locals.

Experiential day trips

Slovenia’s stunning nature and short distances make day trips a very attractive option for a city break. Day trip opportunities cover cultural, active and pampering holiday destinations. On the way to Ljubljana, you should experience at least the fabulous Lake Bled and the caves of underground Slovenia.

The scenery of Lake Bled in the small town of the same name is perhaps the most iconic in Slovenia. The magnificent green water, the Julian Alps and the beautiful church rising from the island in the middle of the lake make the Bled area one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. Bled can be reached from Ljubljana by bus or car in about an hour, and the area is really worth a visit.

Triglav National Park is also located in the Bled region and offers spectacular scenery for hiking and trekking.

Slovenia is known not only for its high peaks, but also for its underground attractions . There are as many as 11,000 registered caves in Slovenia, of which a tourist can visit a few dozen. The most popular cave sites are the caves of Škocjan and Postojna, whose natural formations, stalactites and waterfalls inevitably make an impact.

Postojna caves can be reached by hand to explore Ljubljana preparing for about an hour-long bus trip, while the Škocjan arbitrary will need to take the train to the station Divača, which is in front of another half-hour walk to the caves.



There is a weekly food market in the center of Ljubljana, which should not be missed.

The best day trip destinations from Ljubljana

  1. Lake Bled
  2. Triglav National Park
  3. Caves of Postojna and Škocjan
  4. Natural spas in eastern Slovenia

The best experiences in Ljubljana

  1. Spend the night in the beach restaurants on the Ljubljanica River
  2. Lunch trip in Tivoli Park
  3. Views of Ljubljana Castle
  4. Food market in the central square
  5. Boat trip on the river Ljubljanica