Aland 1998

Aland Islands Capital

Yearbook 1998

Aland. At the beginning of the year, falling unemployment was 4.2% and the number of vacancies was the highest in a decade. In practice, labor shortages prevailed. But an expert group warned in April that non-EU adaptation of taxes, labor law, ship register and maritime support would lead to the flagship of Åland shipping and thus dramatically increased unemployment. However, in October, after long hesitation, the government said no to a proposed support package for shipping. The decision was described in Mariehamn as a killing blow to Åland society.

In November, President Martti Ahtisaari emerged as the first Finnish head of state to open the Lagting on Å. area.

A hot debate about the Finnish’s position on the Å flared up in the fall after Finnish newspapers wrote that it is forbidden for landscape officials to study Finnish. The provincial government’s head of government, county councilor Roger Jansson, described the information as a lie and gave examples of officials who, during the year, have just studied Finnish during working hours.

Aland Islands Capital