About Barbados

About Barbados

Barbados only became known as a great tourist destination in the 1950s, and today the island’s annual tourist flow is around 1 million. Those who have ever been to Barbados will leave him only flattering reviews: the warm sun, sandy beaches, clear sea, historical sights and local hospitality make it one of the best places for a seaside holiday. It is believed that the western coast of Barbados is the best place for a seaside holiday. The best resorts and hotels are concentrated here. The largest jazz music festival is held annually on the island. Famous musicians come here from all over the world. The east coast is wilder, but the scenery that can be seen here is simply stunning, and the deserted beaches will be a great place to be alone with nature.

Geography of Barbados

According to calculatorinc, the island of Barbados lies in the Lesser Antilles chain and is shaped like a pear. Barbados is located in the very east of the chain and is the most distant from the rest of the Antilles.




The area of Barbados is 431 km. sq., occupies the 200th place in the world by area.


284,589 people.


The official currency is the Barbados dollar (BBD).


The official language is English.

Visa to Barbados

If you are planning a trip to Barbados for up to 28 days, then you do not need to obtain a visa in advance. In this case, the visa is issued upon arrival in the country. To receive it, you must have a valid passport, an invitation, or a voucher for booking a hotel room and return tickets. If a child will take part in the trip with one of the parents, then it is necessary to have a notarized power of attorney from the parent who remains.

Weather in Barbados

The country has a tropical trade wind climate. The whole year the temperature is approximately the same +26 +30 C, and thanks to the trade winds, the strong heat is practically not felt. The period from November to March is dry, there is practically no precipitation. At this time, the daytime temperature is +28 C, and the night temperature is +18 C. The amount of precipitation increases from the coast to the interior of the island, ranging from 1100 to 2000 meters. About 75% of the total precipitation falls during the rainy season. During this period, typhoons and strong winds are possible. The best time to visit Barbados is early spring (February-May).


The most common transport on the island is the bus. There are private taxis between cities. With the largest cities in the world, Barbados is connected by flights. International ships also arrive in Bridgetown.

Currency exchange in Barbados

As of October 2011, the national currency rate is 1 USD = 2 BBD. The national currency is the Barbados dollar. On the island, currency can be exchanged at special exchange offices, banks or the airport. Most restaurants and hotels accept credit card payments. In cities far from the capital, using credit cards and checks can be problematic, since cash payments are most preferable here. Traveler’s checks are best taken in US dollars.


110-115V/50Hz (American type sockets).


Basically, adherents of Christianity live in Barbados, of which 67% are Protestants and 4% Catholics. There are also adherents of other religious denominations.


Barbados is a safe place with a fairly low crime rate, but theft of personal property is not uncommon. In crowded places (airport, seaport, public transport) you should beware of pickpockets. After dark, it is not recommended to stay in remote places, including on wild beaches.


The medical services provided on the island are at a fairly high level. Medical workers are highly qualified and many of them have been trained in leading educational institutions around the world. Public honey. services provided on the island are free, but access to private doctors is paid. It is recommended to have international health insurance with you.

About Barbados