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Yearbook 1998

1998 ZambiaZambia. According to Countryaah, Former President Kenneth Kaunda, who was arrested in December 1997 accused of participating in a coup attempt, was indicted in January. However, when the trial began in June, the prosecutor dropped the prosecution. Kaunda immediately announced that he would leave the chair of the United National Independence Party, UNIP (Formal National Independence Party), which happened formally a month later. He also hinted that he would leave politics altogether.

It was South Africa's President Nelson Mandela who, through secret mediation, worked out Kaunda's release towards ending his political career. But behind the indictment, as was President Frederick Chiluba's decision in March to repeal the exceptions laws that have prevailed since October 1997, there was even more the country's need to stay well with foreign aid donors. Zambia was suffering from a huge foreign debt, the repayments of which cost the country three quarters of its aid. Zambia was also hit hard by falling copper prices. A consortium of aid donors under the World Bank's leadership granted the country $ 530 million in May, but at the same time demanded more rapid privatization of the still partially state-owned copper company ZCCM.

1998 Zambia

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