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United States

Yearbook 1998

USA. This year, domestic politics was dominated by discussions about President Bill Clinton's sexual slant with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and the aftermath of this relationship, see the Lewinsky affair. The deal led at the end of the year that Congress decided that Clinton should face state law, which will likely begin in January 1999. He thus becomes the second US president to face state law - the first was Andrew Johnson in 1868. Richard Nixon chose to resign 1974 to escape national law after the Watergate scandal. However, Clinton refuses to lose the battle and has announced that he intends to remain president "until the last hour, the last day of my term".

1998 United States

1998 United StatesAccording to Countryaah, Clinton still has strong voter support and his own party behind him - after all, he is considered a good president. For example, the US economy has recovered faster than expected. In 1997, political agreement was reached to reach the budget balance in 2002, but after a dramatic improvement in public finances is already in balance in the budget - for the first time since 1969.

Despite the domestic political pressures, the president continued to maintain a high profile internationally. During an official tour of six African states (Botswana, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda) in March, Clinton spoke of the "sins" the United States committed in African countries during the slave trade era and pledged $ 180 million. dollars in compensation. Clinton also acknowledged that the United States was responding too slowly to the conflict in Rwanda, and therefore owed some of the blame for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in ethnic violence in 1994.

On August 7, car bombs exploded outside the US embassies in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es-Salaam (Tanzania), causing great destruction and killing Americans and many locals. US diplomats were evacuated from the embassies in Albania, Uganda, Malaysia and Pakistan. The previously unknown Army for the Protection of the Islamic Holy Sites took on the blame for the death, and on August 20, the United States fired cruise missiles at a Palestinian terrorist base in Afghanistan and a poison gas plant in Sudan in retaliation. The attacks were condemned by Iran, Iraq and Libya but were greeted with great acclaim by Israel.

Bill Clinton was widely recognized for his driving role in the spring peace talks in Northern Ireland and for new progress in the Middle East peace process during a historic visit to Israel and the Palestinian parliament in Gaza in December.

Clinton, on the other hand, criticized the new attack on Iraq December 16-20, ie. during the time when the vote on the president was to be put before the national court took place in Congress. The president was accused of trying to draw attention from his personal problems by ordering an attack on Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein but was backed by Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair, who claimed the day for the new Iraqi attack was the right choice. British air forces took part in the attack on Iraq for refusing UN weapons inspectors access to their weapons factories.

The death penalty debate re-emerged when the first woman was executed since the American Civil War. 38-year-old Karla Faye Tucker was executed with a poison injection in February for participating in a double murder in 1984. A strong emotional debate also erupted when 2 boys, 11 and 13 years old, shot dead four students and one teacher and injured another 11 youths in a school in Arkansas. The act aroused deep amazement and concern; national statistics revealed that 11,000 weapons incidents occurred in US schools in 1997.

In April, 70-year-old James Earl Ray died in the Nashville prison in Tennessee. Ray acknowledged the murder of Martin Luther King in 1969, but withdrew the recognition and then fought in vain for three decades to bring a new trial.

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