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Yearbook 1998

Tuvalu. At the March 26 election, seven of the twelve members lost their seats in Parliament. Among those who were not re-elected were former Prime Minister Kamuta Laatasi, who, during the election campaign, went on fierce attacks against the incumbent Head of Government Bikenibeu Paeniu. Laatasi accused Paeniu of having committed a sexual assault five years earlier. According to Countryaah, Paeniu dismissed the charges and accused Laatasi of receiving bribes during his tenure as Prime Minister 1993-96.

1998 Tuvalu

In November, a warning was issued by the regional environmental program in the South Pacific, SPREP, that the greenhouse effect is causing more and more land on low-lying islands, among other things. Tuvalu, placed under water. In addition, the rising sea level has caused drinking water to be contaminated by salt water and farmers have been forced to abandon important agricultural land.

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