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Yearbook 1998

Taiwan. Relations with Taiwan's arch-rival China improved through meetings at the highest level to date after the arrival of both regimes in 1949. Since a delegation from Taiwan's semi-official contact agency SEF visited China in April - the first formal contact in nearly three years - Mainland Research Professor Zhu Lilan traveled to Taiwan in July. However, she did not come as a government member but to talk about research exchanges.

1998 Taiwan

According to Countryaah, a murder the same month on a Taiwanese local politician on a business trip in northeastern China sparked anger in Taiwan and demands for better protection for visitors. Political contacts continued, however, with US silent support, and in October, Taiwan's highest envoy, SEF chief Koo Chen-fu, was able to travel to Shanghai and his counterpart Wang Daohan. He also met with President Jiang Zemin in Beijing. The talks were described as "friendly", but Taiwan insisted that China must be free and democratic before they can both reunite.

At the same time, governments in the capitals of Taibei and Beijing continued their global diplomatic struggle. After South Africa, like the vast majority of the world's countries, the Central African Republic, Guinea-Bissau and Tonga chose to recognize the Beijing regime as China's only legitimate one, while Taibei succeeded in joining, among other things. Marshall Islands. It gave Taiwan formal diplomatic ties with 27 countries, most of them small states in Africa, Central America and the Pacific.

In two elections, the ruling party GMD (Guomindang) took revenge for the setback in the local elections the year before. Of the more than 1,200 mayor and council positions that were at stake in January, GMD captured more than 60%.

In December, GMD through former Justice Minister Ma Ying-jeou resigned mayor post in Taibei from the opposition party DFP (Democratic Progress Party). KMT also secured 123 seats in Parliament against DFP's 70.

In February, an aircraft from China Airlines crashed at the approach to Taibei airport, killing about 200 people.

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