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Solomon Islands

Yearbook 1998

Solomon Islands. At the beginning of the year, Prime Minister Bartholomew Ulufa'alu rejected foreign accusations of having received compensation from Papua New Guinea for opposing the Bougainville island's struggle for independence. The aid was, according to Countryaah, compensation for taking care of refugees from the Bougainville war.

1998 Solomon Islands

In July, Ulufa'alu dismissed his finance minister and took care of his duties until further notice. At the same time, two opposition politicians were seated in the government, led by the Solomon Islands Liberal Party (SILP). When the Minister of Domestic Business Development was dismissed in August, six MPs protested from the government side to the opposition. Thus, the opposition claimed that it had the support of 25 of the 49 members of Parliament, but no immediate distrust of the government came to fruition.

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