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Yearbook 1998

Seychelles. According to Countryaah, President France Albert René, like his party, the Seychelles People's Progressive Front (SPPF) won big in the March 20-22 presidential and parliamentary elections. Rene's share of the vote rose from 59.5% in the last election in 1993 to 66.7%. At the same time, SPPF received 30 of the 34 seats in Parliament. The elections were judged to have been largely correct. However, information on voice purchases and threats from SPPF was available. The fact that the elections were held four months earlier than expected meant that the opposition parties were given poor time to prepare for the election campaign. The largest opposition party with three seats became the United Opposition (UO), which in July changed its name to the Seychelles National Party (SNP). Internal contradictions helped the Democratic Party (DP) to decline sharply. After the election, many DP members jumped off to SNP.

1998 Seychelles

Rumors claimed that President René was ill, but there was no sign that he was about to withdraw from politics. Responsibility for daily government work had already been taken over by Vice President James Michel.

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