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1998 Serbia

1389 Ottoman supremacy

According to Countryaah, from the middle of the 14th century, the Ottoman Empire initiated the conquest of the Balkans and in 1389 defeated the Serbian forces in the Battle of Kosova. 489 years of Ottoman rule were thus initiated. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the first emigrations took place from Serbia and Bosnia, heading for the nearby Serbian areas - Russia. Macedonia was admitted to the Ottoman Empire in 1395. Bosnia, which had been a vassal state of the Hungarian kingdom since the 12th century, was conquered by the Ottomans in 1463, and Bosnia's Slavic population was Islamized. In 1465, Hercegovina fell. Venezia had already annexed the coastal areas of Neretva and Zetina. The city of Dubrovnik was under Hungarian rule and from 1526 under Ottoman.

In the 16-18. century, until 1991, the territory that formed Yugoslavia was divided between the Ottoman Empire (Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia), the Habsburgs (Croatia, Slovenia, Slavonia, parts of Dalmatia and Vojvodina) as well as the Republic of Venezia, which ruled Istria and Dalmatia. . After a popular uprising in 1690 in the old Serbia, 70,000 people fled to the Habsburg controlled area. Instead, the Ottoman Empire transferred Albanian Muslims to the abandoned areas of Kosova and Metohija.

After the Turkish-Russian War (1768-74), with the Kuchuk-Kainardzhi Treaty, Russia was allowed to stand as protector of Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire. As a consequence of the Napoleonic wars, Austria in 1797 conquered the Balkans. The northern part of Serbia that otherwise belonged to the Ottoman Empire gained internal autonomy as a result of the first Serbian popular uprising (1804-13), the Russian-Turkish war (1806-12) and the second Serbian popular uprising. Political and military leaders Gueorgui Cherni (Karagueorgui) and Milos Obrenovic created the Serbian government dynasty. In 1829, Serbia gained the status of independent principality within the Ottoman Empire with Milos Obrenovic as Prince.


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