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Saint Lucia

1998 Saint Lucia

According to Countryaah, in January 1999, Lucia, along with several other countries, declined to support the United States proposal in the WTO on sanctions against the EU for the preferential treatment of bananas from the Caribbean against bananas from Latin America.

In 2000, one nun was killed and 13 others injured during an attack on a church in Castries. The churchgoers were attacked with machetes and the church subsequently burned down. The attackers subsequently stated that: "God had ordered them to carry out the attack because of the Catholic Church's corruption."

In 2002, a tropical hurricane destroyed nearly half of the banana harvest. In some areas entire plantations were destroyed.

In 2004, 2 British who visited the island were sentenced to 6 years in prison for attempting to smuggle 2 kg of cocaine out of the country. The drugs were tied around the two-person arms around the stomach and were to be transported to London.

In July 2005, the government declared that it would put forward a joint plan with Venezuela to combat drug smuggling. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and Foreign Minister Petrus Compton were to lead negotiations with Venezuela.

The December 2006 election was won by the UWP with Sir John Compton in the lead. The UWP got 11 of the 17 seats in parliament.

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