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Yearbook 1998

1998 MexicoMexico. In March, a report on the human rights situation in the state of Chiapas was presented. An international commission that visited the state stated that the situation was far worse than expected and that there was systematic terrorism from the security forces directed at the civilian population. According to Countryaah, the state prosecutor also admitted in March that both police and military were involved in a massacre against civilians in the village of Acteal at the end of 1997 when 45 Indians were killed. By then, the Chiapas governor had already been forced to resign after it was confirmed that he knew of the plans for an attack on civilians. The Minister of the Interior also resigned after he failed to find a solution to the long-standing regional conflict.

1998 Mexico

In June, the disputed Bishop Samuel Ruiz of San Cristóbal de las Casas also resigned as official mediator between the government and the Zapatist EZLN guerrilla; he previously criticized the government for militarizing the Chiapas region and suspect his own and the Commission's aims. The bishop's departure was followed by new armed confrontations between the guerrillas and the army, the first outbreak of violence since the ceasefire began in 1995. In October, the guerrilla leader proposed that the dialogue with the government resume after lying down since 1997.

In April, 84-year-old author Octavio Paz died, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1990. Paz was also a political writer, journalist, founder of literary magazines, teachers, diplomats and considered one of the greatest Latin American thinkers.

A Swiss prosecutor claimed she secured proof that the $ 100 million. dollars that former President Carlos Salina's brother Raśl placed in banks in Switzerland come from drug stores. Raśl Salinas has been in prison since 1995, suspected of murdering his brother-in-law.

The violent forest and grass fires that ravaged Central America hit M. very hard and reached their peak in May/ June. More than 11,000 fires were reported, mainly in the states of Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Oaxaca, and at least 60 people died in the extinguishing work. Heavy rain and flooding in the country's southern parts in September demanded 78 deaths and 400,000 otherwise suffered in what President Ernesto Zedillo called the second most severe natural disaster in the country's history. M. was also affected by Hurricane Mitch's progress but not as severely as neighboring countries in the south.

A diplomatic crisis between M. and the United States arose during the year after the US Department of Justice presented the results of a three-year investigation into banks' involvement in drug money laundering, called Operation Casablanca. The US investigation pointed out three Mexican banks involved in the money laundering but the charges were rejected by a unified political opinion in M.

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