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Marshall Islands

Yearbook 1998

Marshall Islands. According to Countryaah, three ministers were forced in August to leave President Imata Kabua's ministry after opposing the government and voting for a ban on gambling in the Marshall Islands. The layoffs joined the opposition in early September and issued a statement of no confidence in the government, the first in 19 years. The opposition demanded that Parliament (Nitijela) decide on the issue in a closed vote, which faced strong opposition from the government. The president and his supporters decided to boycott the sessions in Nitijela in protest, which meant that Parliament was no longer resolute. Only after six weeks, October 16, could the vote be taken. The government did well with an overweight vote.

1998 Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands prepared a formal appeal to the United States Congress for increased compensation to the country for damages caused by the US nuclear test in 1946-58.

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