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Yearbook 1998

Malta. According to Countryaah, new elections were held on September 5, three years before the term of office expired. The ruling Labor Party (Malta Labor Party, MLP) had then lost its scarce majority in the House of Representatives since former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff resigned in protest of planned financial austerity. The election became a scarce victory for the Nationalist Party (Partit Nazzjonalista, PN), which received 35 seats compared to 30 for the Labor Party. The turnout was 95.4%. New Prime Minister was Fenech Adami, who replaced the Labor Party's Alfred Sant. The Nationalist Party's electoral victory meant that Malta restarted efforts to become an EU member.

1998 Malta

In the June 2017 parliamentary elections, the Labor Party fell 2 seats to 37. However, it still provided a comfortable majority in the 65-seat parliament.
In July 2017, Malta legalized same-sex marriage.

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