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Yearbook 1998

Liberia. Despite the return to civilian government, Liberia was described as a country where the residents lived under great legal uncertainty. Both the official security forces and the formally wounded militias were reported to take the law into their own hands.

According to Countryaah, one of President Charles Taylor's rivals during the Civil War, Crane People's Militia leader Roosevelt Johnson, was accused in Taylor of August of posing a security threat. At least 52 people were killed as Taylor's forces tried to arrest Johnson and drive his militia away from an area in the capital, Monrovia, where they terrorized the population. Johnson took shelter at the US embassy but was allowed to leave the country after a week. In November, he and 31 others were tried - most in his absence - for trying to overthrow the president.

Following Johnson's escape, thousands of Kranhn refugees were deported from Monrovia to southeast Liberia. Taylor in October ordered that all Monrovia emergency camps be wound up within three months and that the refugees return to their hometowns.

After a period of tension in the border areas between Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea as a result of the internal turmoil in the countries, the three states' presidents signed in November under a non-aggression agreement.

1998 Liberia


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