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Burkina Faso

Yearbook 1998

Burkina Faso. According to Countryaah, ten opposition parties joined forces in February in a coalition, the FUDR, demanding that an independent election commission be formed to oversee the November presidential election. In March, President Blaise Compaoré approached opposition politician Ernest Nongma Ouédraogo, party leader of the Bloc socialiste burkinabè (BSB). Ouédrago was sentenced in 1995 to six months imprisonment for insulting President Compaoré and was therefore not allowed to take part in the 1997 parliamentary elections.

1998 Burkina Faso

Most November 15 presidential elections were boycotted by most opposition parties, who claimed that the electoral system was a barrier to free and honest elections. The two opposition candidates running for election did not pose a threat to President Compaoré. He received over 87% of the vote and thus retains power for another seven years. According to the Election Commission, about 56% voted, which was over twice the previous presidential election in 1991. Foreign observers said they were satisfied with the election, but local observer groups and opposition representatives accused the regime of electoral fraud.

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