How to Pick The Perfect Jewelry

Choosing jewelry in a retro 50’s spirit can sometimes be tricky! Sure you can go home to grandma’s jewelry box to get information about what was used in the Roaring 50’s. We have commissioned a confident and cheeky collection of necklaces and earrings at low prices. The focus is on feminine and 50’s inspired pearl necklace, some with cherry cherries and some other pearl is smooth. Common to these necklaces is that they have a retro look.

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Beige Blazer

The Beige Blazer Should Rule The World

At the current weather, you really do now not what to wear. Only the thermometer jumps to pleasant 24 degrees, hardly the sun is gone, it falls already at 16 degrees. To dress as weather justice is like a puzzle. But what a fashion blog I would be if I could not find a solution in the luggage? The beige Blazer-your friend and helper, if the weather once again has its day.
Who knows knows that I like to wear blazers. In autumn and winter the most, since they make smart and keep warm. But now I will engage in the spring / summer blazer. By the way: for men it called Jacket or jacket, but I think the term blazer, a jacket, which is not carried out of business reasons, more appropriate.

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Adidas Sports Outfit

Today I report on the provided by Keller Sports available Outfit by Adidas. The outfit consists of a black Adidas T-shirt and a patterned Adidas Sport leggings.

Workout Shirt by Adidas

The T has short sleeves and black. Through the small Adidas mark the T-shirt is not very striking and is more concerned with understatement. Considering the whole sports brands attach great importance to brand visibility that is very gratifying.

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Plus Size Summer Dresses

If plus size dresses are still the fingers of feet up in the sun, July countries have already gone back to the office! today it offers a selection of 5 plus size dresses to resume work.

All dresses!

If you talk like dresses at My-Size, is that they do not do this for sublimate round silhouettes. Comfortable to wear, they do not pose the problems of tightening at the waist or back!

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