How to Pick The Perfect Jewelry

Choosing jewelry in a retro 50’s spirit can sometimes be tricky! Sure you can go home to grandma’s jewelry box to get information about what was used in the Roaring 50’s. We have commissioned a confident and cheeky collection of necklaces and earrings at low prices. The focus is on feminine and 50’s inspired pearl necklace, some with cherry cherries and some other pearl is smooth. Common to these necklaces is that they have a retro look.

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Beige Blazer

The Beige Blazer Should Rule The World

At the current weather, you really do now not what to wear. Only the thermometer jumps to pleasant 24 degrees, hardly the sun is gone, it falls already at 16 degrees. To dress as weather justice is like a puzzle. But what a fashion blog I would be if I could not find a solution in the luggage? The beige Blazer-your friend and helper, if the weather once again has its day.
Who knows knows that I like to wear blazers. In autumn and winter the most, since they make smart and keep warm. But now I will engage in the spring / summer blazer. By the way: for men it called Jacket or jacket, but I think the term blazer, a jacket, which is not carried out of business reasons, more appropriate.

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Adidas Sports Outfit

Today I report on the provided by Keller Sports available Outfit by Adidas. The outfit consists of a black Adidas T-shirt and a patterned Adidas Sport leggings.

Workout Shirt by Adidas

The T has short sleeves and black. Through the small Adidas mark the T-shirt is not very striking and is more concerned with understatement. Considering the whole sports brands attach great importance to brand visibility that is very gratifying.

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Plus Size Summer Dresses

If plus size dresses are still the fingers of feet up in the sun, July countries have already gone back to the office! today it offers a selection of 5 plus size dresses to resume work.

All dresses!

If you talk like dresses at My-Size, is that they do not do this for sublimate round silhouettes. Comfortable to wear, they do not pose the problems of tightening at the waist or back!

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How to Wear White Pants

We always afraid to wear white pants. The fear to try, that’s too transparent and, of course, the desire to know what to put. As well tell you right away, white pants seldom door twice. But wear one brand your mastery of style!

The Classic White Pants

It is this model that may be transparent when you wear it. It is absolutely necessary, and I emphasize “absolutely”, wearing white underwear.Anyway, test yourself another color, you’ll quickly come to their senses.

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What Kind of Panty Should I Wear

Want comfort, Simple panties

How to choose traditional panties?
Unbeatable in the field of panties, cotton panties is still valid. They are mainly known for their comfort, softness and delicate appearance. Wear fine United culottes or patterned it’s nice and cozy. At night, we suggest you to prefer baby dolls cotton, they minimize the risk of irritation and allergies and much more comfortable.

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Matching Necklace to Neckline

Necklaces count for most women to prefer accessories. There is hardly an outfit in which they are not used. Whether plain and filigree or flashy and flamboyant – the pretty trinkets complete any look and make the styling only individually. But what chain actually fits to which garment? Thus, the favorite accessory can be fully effective, it must be combined accordingly. Which gem at what cut-suits, we show you in this post.

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How to Choose Sunglasses Male

The mount your material, you will choose (and knowingly)

When choosing sunglasses, you must decide what criteria is most important to you. The originality or weight? The price maybe?

Plastic, the most common

Variety in color and patterns. Not expensive but life suffers.

If so which one you choose, make sure of its quality.

The cellulose acetate, are more beautiful colors

Sustainable and green. Its manufacture requires a hundred hours. The cost can be quite high, also many luxury brands use this material for their optical line.

This material and the manufacturing process give a unique look to every frame.

Carbon fiber, the more light

Lighter and stronger than steel, a carbon fiber frame is designed for long term use. Its fiber structure gives it an elasticity which absorbs shocks.

Titanium, e ‘technical’

Used in the aerospace, automotive or surgery, this material is more flexible than most of those commonly used and much lighter.

A weight / impact resistance exceptional , titanium frames are popular with athletes.

Corrosion, therefore does not oxidize on contact with sea water or perspiration.

The Aluminum, Versatile e

Light and strong at once, it is insensitive to water damage. It is the perfect alternative if you want to approach the titanium properties at a lower cost.


To associate the characteristics of materials together, alloys increase strength and lightness of the frame.

Some shape memory alloys even allow twisting his glasses in every direction without damaging the structure. Adapted sports or for risky trades.

Wood ECO Friendly

Pleasant to touch and changing the perception of sunglasses.

And you can always superimpose you rallies Nicolas Hulot.

Precious A Design Adapted Sunglasses You Will Know Recognize

Finally, these sunglasses, at least if they are the right size, it is not bad. There are some nice examples of the vintage style sunglasses, and INTERNETAGES has the retro inspired sunglasses:

What Style Of Sunglasses To Choose?

We used to say that every face shape is a form of glasses.

Should therefore be to choose among rectangular sunglasses, round, oval, pierced and so on. But it is almost impossible to determine exactly what kind of face was in 95% of cases (not really square or round faces really). Mostly we face is perfectly normal, so do not take your head on this aspect of choice.

Basically, just keep in mind that the round shapes on a round face accentuate the shape of your face and finally give effect “Jean-Pierre Coffe.”


To summarize, set your budget and the use you make of your sunglasses

  • If you are looking glasses that you put over your sports , focus on lightweight materials, solid and does not oxidize -> t Itane, aluminum
  • If you need a rendering aesthetic and quality matches -> a acetate.
  • For a quality / price ok -> has luminium or alloys .
  • If you have an outgoing personality and popularity that goes with it is not a problem however.Imagine the opposite effect for square frames on a square face.
  • Now you know enough about the form.
  • These are the colors and general appearance that you must import
  • It is not at all clear that a square frame suitable for a round face.There are no rules without exceptions. As many refer to something more personal and that will make your legitimate choice.
  • However, you need to avoid too massive frames, this will give a general impression destabilizing.Your horse must meet certain proportions for aesthetics.

The Proportions of Glasses

  • 1-Thelower edges of the frame must not come into contact with your face, even when you smile.
  • 2-Thetop edges must not hide your eyebrows. If they are hidden by the frame or seen them through your glasses is that the frame is really too large. Clearly, avoid flies glasses.
  • 3-On the sides: the framework of glasses man must stop between the corner of the eye and ear.
  • 4-The branches should not compress the temples and not too thick. For comfort, your eyelashes should not touch the glass. Otherwise you will have to clean your glasses regularly.

Avoid Logos!

If there logo will avoid choosing the too big / ostentatious. More important it is and the proportions and overall balance of the frame will be messed up.

Choose The Color of Your Glasses

You rarely make any mistake in choosing sober colors. And for once black is permitted!

But only for glasses, was watching you (pun inside). Brown is also a secure base.

Dark colors will harden the look and say personality, especially if you have clear eyes. Light colors will soften the look and harmonize the face.

It still must keep in mind that your skin tone, the color of your hair and your eyes will determine the color of the frame. As much grant.

The shell motifs, glasses bicolor (gently colors), one for gaming on the frame or some branches of little stylized bring a touch more “funky” to your look.

Recognize counterfeit glasses: the “fake” you will take care

Counterfeiting some like, others not. What is certain is that it is facing when buying on the web, for example, and this can cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

In addition to request an invoice and compare photos of the object with those found on the website of the brand%

Handbags for Special Occasions

When men look at the handbag collection of a woman, they have to smile often, because who needs the meaning behind the sprawling collection recognize only experts: is namely a certain handbag for any occasion ready. Each model comes with own advantages. While a handbag serves merely as a pretty accessory to trendy cocktail dress, the other pocket has the task to take as many items in everyday use and purchases in itself. Who does not know which variant the occasion fits, for we have put together an overview of the most popular handbag models in the following article. Find You can all the featured handbags for example, the label abro that sells very high-quality creations made from leather.

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Best Shirts to Wear With a Suit

To face any kind of situation, a man must have five basic shirts in his wardrobe. They must obviously be of quality and well adjusted. Instead, we recommend an Italian or classic collar, and avoid a buttoned collar.

1. A Plain White Shirt

This is the basis. It agrees with all your ties, it passes both under a sweater that only open or closed… in short it is ideal when you do not know what to put.

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Cheap Summer Sundresses

Who am I?

When temperatures rise and the days get longer, you see me in a variety of shapes and colors as well as everywhere else: I am a summer dress and a must-have for the new summer season!

In most closets you’ll find me several times. I marvel itself again and again over the wide variety of summer dresses. Long, knee-length, short, striped, polka dots, plaid, natural patterned or plain-I am available in an infinite number of designs. Me can again bring forth every year out of the closet and create with me custom outfits. Lovers of diversity, should enrich his wardrobe also from time to time with new models. Featured designers and fashion companies have released multifaceted and magnificent collections of mine this year. The summer dresses 2014 season has begun!

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How to Dress for Running in Cold

If you are one brave who fear neither cold, nor rain, nor snow, winter is the ideal season to make couse walk. The streets are empty, the air is fresh, the scenery is beautiful and often the pleasure of running in the snow is unique!

Running in Cold Weather: the Benefits

Jogging you can burn 500 to 1,000 calories per hour, depending on your weight, pace, and environmental conditions. Running in hot or cold is not very different, except in winter, you have to work a little more to keep warm. Any profit for your cardio!

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