Vichy France Fashion

The Vichy press again become a trend this Spring / Summer 2015. The beautiful checked pattern that is often associated with hot weather this year also found a place on the most beautiful fashion runways and is immediately replicated even by the low cost brand that apply to clothing, handbags and even shoes in the most beautiful colors of the moment.

The Vichy press is one of the trends Spring / Summer 2015 the most successful in recent weeks, fantasy Brigitte Bardot adored already in the 50s and during the course of the seasons has been revisited in more and more features versions. The history of the Vichy press is older than you think, many countries claim its paternity going back to the fifteenth century, but only in the eighteenth assumed its present name with reference to the French zone in which it was produced at that time. Continue reading

Prince William and Kate Wedding Hats

Today, we have accompanied the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, after having shown virtually all of wedding dresses, and even invited the maid of honor, we do laugh with hats, an accessory glamor that the British love… if for some the hat was the icing on the cake of a look perfectly able, for others it was the ultimate disaster of a disastrous look! I never, I would never dream of wearing a hat like that … and you? Continue reading

Tips for Maternity Wear

There are many models of maternity clothes that will make you feel feminine and beautiful ensuring maximum comfort. Whatever your style, you’ll find a selection on everything, evening dresses, casual classics, all in different fabrics.

What kind of pregnancy dress should I choose?

If you love clothes, do not stop during pregnancy! There are many models for the expectant mother!

Short, long or knee models, choose to suit your style.

The maternity casual dresses accentuate your femininity and fit perfectly to the curves of pregnancy!

Short and long and wide, flared, strapless, short or long sleeve, have fun choosing!

The baby gifts are perfect for the curves of the expectant mother. Can be worn with leggings or jeans to be original!

Continue reading

Best Day Hiking Backpack Reviews

Choosing the right backpack for outdoor activities is not easy. There are daypacks, trekking backpacks, hiking backpacks and some other sub-models. If you have small children with us also come special child carrier systems in question.

Who spends his free time on the weekend or on vacation a lot of fresh air, for a hiking backpack the perfect companion. Backpacks for outdoor use, however, there in abundance. Often the decision is difficult for the matching companion because it is not clear how great the resulting strengths and weaknesses with each model. Continue reading

Gucci Claudie Platform Sandals

Ever you wear the sandals in the winter? I do not even think about it and even if the shoes in question were signed Gucci would not try not to go out with at home, let alone with the cold that makes these days and that certainly will increase because we are only in November. Gucci, however, knows that many fashion victims do not pay attention to the temperatures and for this autumn winter 2011 2012 has included in its new collection a nice pair of suede sandals that recall one of the most popular trends and hate the last year, the color block. For all the brave who like to defy the seasons here are Andie Chunky Platform Sandal. Continue reading