Outfit by Classics & Favorites

Constantly we try out trends, try new, because we may not set, devote ourselves to the “can do or be?”, the intrepid to miming or how two Bollerige through the streets, because body-remote is anyway the most coziest. A resistance is in the two Jane Herzen: love for classics and basics, which may simply never end.

And so I drew yesterday on the most important day of the week with my absolute alltime favorites through Berlin: Chipmunk-look velvet trench and true love at the feet: the Chelsea boots Carola von Scarosso, which themselves turn out to be absolutely perfect for the fall and I really only had to walk without exception trag. Continue reading

Outfit Of The Liaison Between The Tip And Soft Knit

Is now sure batting some of you in the commentators fingers, but I can tell you: the Herzjunge has already done, he has spoken out, what even I tried to displace themselves if at all possible as I was standing in the hallway mirror today morning: “UM, that looks a little like Goth from”, were his words and my thoughts. Everything that I had to bring the was a “doesn’t matter”. But that really doesn’t matter, isn’t it? Namely, I believe that not even the outfit’s fault on dark associations, but while the pony out must grow my new hair, whose Farbe some wash out, both to dolle, namely a bit has been the zeal of post pregnancy beauty delusion. But even care. Continue reading

Outfits & Shoe Special / / Our Favorite Light Boots From Vagabond Part 1

When I have an outfit in mind, are usually the shoes that make me a spanner in the: crap, just missing the perfect look – Yes, I can adjust the clock after this sentence. And this is yet actually so simple: A few sneaker, a pair of ankle boots, a few tall models and a few neat Tan – zack, finished.

So easypeasy but doesn’t work, I must not tell you at this point: you know this problem at least as well as I. Vagabond wanted to know now but still closer look by us and asked Jane’s for the shoe-essentials for fall us – and promptly get the answer. There you go: part 1 of our favorite autumn Companion. Continue reading

Outfits & Shoe Special Our Favourites By Vagabond Part 2

I can no longer count on a hand, how often it spat me already verbal poison arrows before the head just because I have the summer not quite so much like the autumn. Where I quickly should attach to my defense, that this judgment refers to really only textile realities, with thin spaghetti straps dresses I can start that much less than with big baggy sweaters and boots more than sandals, yet alone due to the little optimal shape of my toes.

Shoe technically considered me an inner flower picking so to finally welcome the autumn. Men’s kicks and socks are my personal Regenstraßen dream, why does the second part of our vagabond specials of course without the perfect couple Budapest. And then there some boots, which optically dangerously close over schrabben, but even actually a bit better in my opinion are managed at the infamous Jensen boot.  Continue reading

Outfit By Camels And Witch Shoes

Sometimes I think a rather large nail head stick to have. I make it: increasingly, to displace some facts from my memory – for example, that H & Ms trend Department without a doubt may be worth a detour, especially in autumn. When looking at the sweater prices at Stella mccartney and all the other great designers that carry us with their oversized knitted creations for a few months around the finger, was recently namely receive me. “Why in the world you just bring you to H & M and covering you up there with knitting stuff?” she flotete me then a slightly annoyed girlfriend contrary. By the way, what was there. Continue reading

Outfit Of The Weekend The Golden Autumn Along With Golden Shoes

If you like we computer-kiddies, throughout the day plus one ordinary fraction of his spare time before the machine is sitting, then you would be glad twice as a child in if weather at the weekend makes us us no spanner in the and pretty vigorously cheer on to go out. Sun pur, sweater-weather and invariably smiling faces are as candy on top. There with imitating even the work that fluppsdiwupps on Sunday was taken outside, me nothing at all from. A pretty nice project is in the starting blocks – but we tell you a bit more later. Continue reading

Outfit From Autumn-Ticks And Pale Nose

Good, that I’m now a bit pale to the nose with each image, because LIO wants to just not only during the day without interruption are snuggled up, but also at night – nobody may suffer abdominal pain from hell finally alone. So: Think only until tomorrow and no farther. And make it clear to himself that this is just a pretty stupid phase. Phases pass quickly after all. What also helps: murder much fresh air, namely mega mature, which makes the most babies. And so it happens that we currently mostly somewhere in the Hasenheide or else where on the open road find me on Tempelhofer Feld, cocoa sipping, and baby sliding. A cliché on two legs and four wheels, ole. I guess now arrived in ordinary madness, which is always a time of more pleasure than anger. After all, I’m staying true to in my clothes-ticks, gelüstet just in time for the beginning of the autumn’s me always so after colorful long dresses – feels so after holidays! Continue reading

Winter Cleaning: Get The Antidote! Complete Detox Program In The Self Test

“Skin is like glass! Only when it is clear from both sides, she can radiate correctly!”

A clever slogan, smiles at me because of the newly discovered Detox antidote page of and perhaps also with the index finger upwards warns to be careful a bit more on me? Stress, ozone, Fast Food, alcohol, cigarettes – there is something in me ringing.

Anyway, you by this new 5 x control system heard certainly anything that is brand new from around the corner from Germany, and my body cleans the glass, in case of really beautiful from the outside and inside blank. A holistic detox program to the up outside and inside in so to speak – so, now we have broken it really beautiful show with the mouse moderately down. With in the carefree packets are then nothing less than: Continue reading

Lip Stories: Stylo D’amour – The Magic Stick And Its Traces

Lipsticks are the mood rings of the adult world of girls and who said same following sentence? “A crap day there are still him, the magic stick”. That must be something between Hildegard Knef and Marilyn Monroe have been, the old crackers women were the irritant effect of her bright red mouth: certainly, that’s for sure.

He already, the small woman ver Stayer and Spurenhinterlasser is

132 years old. He loved was away bastard he was, he Sung was: “Got your lipstick mark still on your coffee cup, uuuh yeah” and even fights he was – not only by the Dr. Beckmanns lipstick and protein residue remover. At the world exhibition in 1983 in Amsterdam color for the lips was presented by the way, for the first time in pencil form – at that time still priceless, his triumph there was not stopping and is until today the best-selling beauty product e v e r. It is said, on average, a woman swallowed three Komma and five, in numbers 3.5 kilos of it in their lives. How much grams Gets the man of them, must be raised however still empirically. Continue reading

The Thing With The Evil Gluten & Dangerous Diet Trends

“I’d like a latte with soy, but please” – “Habenwanich”. “Mhhokee, then take I a with normal milk.” if I am not mistaken, then it all started like this. Just who does Schickes and seems no longer to belong to for a long time the digestion of cow products is chic. Compared to delicacies how properly sticky cakes and classic snack rolls is similar to the white poison but an Angel trunk – leading nutritional pin gel and trailer of shady low-all trends a whole handful of new victims have chosen now, namely: are all proteins as they mainly in cereals, short: gluten.

Of food racism 2.0 or something like that. Within a few months to the generation, the generation is #foodporn “contract I, ess I not” mutates. And my Instagram feed is #glutenfree all of a sudden. Funny thing, when you consider that only in about 1% of the population to a detectable intolerance among experts also celiac, fined is. The rest is, thus, the well-known placebo effect and recently also a big trend and rumor has it.  Continue reading

Beauty Wella Professional Traveling on the Fashion Week Berlin

As Jane Wayne beauty representative I me the fashion week Berlin of course with different eyes viewed. My focus is namely more topless – on the face and on the mane. Among others I was allowed to play: fly on the wall in the Kronprinzenpalais under den Linden behind the scenes and me in the first Berlin fashion salon at the Wella professionals team the one or the other trend of the catwalk looks on and copying.

Who indeed believes it would go only to the upcoming fashion at fashion week, the fake quite enormously: from the top of the hair to the dizzyingly high heel everything is pretty important namely – you understand already: for the total look, so to speak. Naturally, that Inspector Scalamari Jane because even just smart highlights of the fashion week Berlin for you out has rummaged the fittingcenter beauty: Continue reading

Short News / / New Music By Dena, Monki Denim, Education For Girls, And A Meeting With Alexa Chung

All news of the last few days at a glance, be missed under any circumstances should – with the model comeback by Vogue legend Grace Coddington, a remake of the spice girls hit “wannabe” and crazy beauty from Miu Miu:

Photo of the week / / Alexa Chung
During the presentation of Nailsinc x Douglas at Soho House Alexa and I scurried all fixed together before the photo lens – the second fan girl moment of my life so to speak, just Chloe Sevigny could get similar to banana in the PEAR in New York a few years ago: Continue reading

Beauty Alessandro Striplac in the Self Test

Oh yes, sister love tell I you. It is written in the House of calamari sometimes great and sometimes huge. I wanted to run my little SIS around Christmas time to my new discovery in the field of nail revolutions, as the clamour was once gigantic: “I please what’s with so you take your Nagelzeug a nonsense – I’d rather read a really important book nak’ – sometime I had then tied it on the kitchen table is repurposed to the nail salon and it could go – sometimes one must even force little sisters to their luck.

Since I was allowed to meet the Alessandro Striplac in Cologne, nothing is come from me more in the bag. Continue reading

Haute Couture A/W 2017 All The Highlights From Chanel, Dior, Viktor & Rolf & co.

Originally includes “Haute Couture” only the very top end of the market, the tailor-made estimated big couture houses. Not every designer can be part of this elite, no, he needs the exquisite circle to the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” belong. Only these tailors Guild decides: who has what it takes – and each year on it new. To be part of strict criteria must be met: the fashion house must deal with at least 25 employees, the creations must be presented twice a year in Paris and only the highest quality and most exclusive materials may be processed for the customized models. Sounds for the first time not so hard, but it is. Because fashion alone is not enough looking for Haute Couture – art must get in touch with design. To get an idea of the scope of such work must be clear that it is in the truest sense of the word “pure craft” – machines do not apply. For a single evening dress will be thus easily up to 1000 work hours. Do Haute Couture now even portable therefore occur, although the fabric dreams of the 20 richest women in the world are collected or worn on the red carpet as a loan.

I’m so every time like a little kid before the screen if it is again so far and Chanel, Dior, Viktor & Rolf and Giambattista Valli present their creations. To dream that is. My personal highlights are at a glance and without many words here:


Chuck’s 4ever / / what Is the Converse “Chuck Taylor “ All Star Actually So Special?

I wonder that been around since always, why all over the world is completely illiterate and constantly wears converse chucks, with over 100 years history of this footwear. A Joaquin Phoenix today as well as at the time the young Jane Birkin. Prollos like punks. Actors such as students. These are, after all, about 36000 days, where the one or the other image storm locker could have wiped out this American dinosaurs within few steps. But nothing similar happened ever, on the contrary. The all star (in the truest sense of the word) encourage further multiplied (just last summer the Chuck Taylor was launched II with a comfortable sole and other updates), light-years away, to slide under the endangered species of them actually. Instead, he plays not only the Evergreen winner in everyday life, but climbs Olympus’s stylish fashion icons also in regular cycles. What is only logical in fact, DC and DC joined be fantasy like – that a style-kone as Veronika Heilbronner today more often chooses so hardly a shoe to the designer clothes as the iconic converse ‚ Chuck Taylor ‘ all star: given. That is capable of but not even shake a Kim Kardashian in this love: amazing. In the great, but also on a smaller scale. Continue reading